The Impressive Elefant

At 70 tons, the Elefant (designation Panzerjäger Tiger (P)) was a German Heavy Tank Destroyer from WWII. 

The Elefant was born out of a failed bid by Porsche to build the Tiger 1. After Porsche was left with 100 tank chassis which were produced in anticipation of winning the Tiger 1 competition, a decision was made in 1942 to convert 91 of these to be heavy tank destroyers. Originally nicknamed the Ferdinand (after the CEO of Porsche, Ferdinand Porsche), the tanks were later upgraded to become Elefants – featuring increased armour and the addition of secondary armament amongst other changes.

The Armortek Elefant tank is based on detailed measurements of the tank at the Tank Museum in Bovington which itself is on loan from the US Army Ordnance Training and Heritage Center at Fort Lee, VA, and is one of just two surviving examples.

The Armortek Elefant is sold as a kit for assembly and can be turned into an Radio Controlled (RC) Tank through the addition of options.

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1/6 scale thickness armour – 12cm thick armour translates to 2cm thick metal plate.

Prototypical longitudinal suspension setup.

Opening crew and engine hatches.

Robust, all metal drive mechanism made of aluminium and steel

Bring your model to life with Option Packs

Motion Pack


Turn your kit into an RC tank with the motion pack

The pack includes 2 HE electric motors for drive, servos for elevation/ slew as well as an electronics pack and the mechanical parts needed.

Sound Pack


Bring your RC tank alive with real high definition sounds

The pack includes the electronics and speakers needed to bring engine start up, acceleration sounds (proportional to RC transmitter throttle position) gun firing and many more. Digital recordings made from real engines. 

Recoil Pack


Add main gun recoil and flash to your RC tank. 

The pack includes the motor, LEDs, electronics and mechanical components to add realistic main run recoil and recovery to your tank.

Smoke Pack


Add realistic exhaust smoke to your RC tank. 

The pack includes the smoke box, heating unit, fan and the electronics needed. The fan activates when the tank moves.

Build photographs of the Armortek Elefant Kit