Frequently Asked Questions

Below are our most frequently asked questions, if you still need help then please contact us at


  • What is included in an Armortek kit?

    Armortek kits include all the parts necessary to build the model as illustrated.

    This includes:

    • machined, cast, and sheet metal parts
    • Bearings and all fasteners required
    • Comprehensive instruction manual and assembly drawings.

    An Armortek kit provides you with a complete static model.

    Option Packs can be added to provide Motion, Sound, Gun Recoil and Smoke.

    Not included are adhesives and paints and other consumables.

  • Where are the kits produced?

    Armortek kits are designed in-house and manufactured at our site in Hampshire in the UK. We have state of the art CNC machines on which we machine the components in our kits.

  • What are your kits made out of?

    Our kits are predominantly made out of metal - with the obvious exception of components like rubber tyres and canvas roofs.

    We use mainly aluminium. In general, steel is used for some drive components and thin sheet metal, whilst brass is used for some bushes and decorative components.

  • Can the kits be remote controlled ?

    Yes, our vehicle kits can be remote controlled through the addition of the Motion option pack.

  • Do you provide ready built models or only kits ?

    We predominately sell kits for our customers to build themselves.

    However, we do offer a service to build and paint the model. We have limited capacity to offer this service - if you are interested, please contact us at This service cannot be ordered through our website.

  • What does LIMITED EDITION mean ?

    Our kits tend to be produced in batches of limited numbers – typically less than 100 kits – hence they are Limited Edition. Each kit* comes with a certificate to indicate its serial number and certify its authenticity.

    Historically Limited Edition runs of the same model have been run between 3 to 8 years apart, with some models having had no re-run to date.

    *The field guns, Bailey bridge and hedgehogs do not have a serial number and are not considered limited editions as they are generally maintained in stock.

  • Can I order a model that is not listed on your site ?

    The short answer is no.

    At any one time we only have a small range of kits for sale. If a model is not listed on our site, the chances are it is not available for sale.

    We do not manufacture "one-offs".

  • Do you manufacture to order?

    Unfortunately not.

    Due to the economics of research, design and production, a one-off kit would cost many times the cost of a standard model.

  • Do you have a shop I can visit?

    We do have a small retail/ display area at our manufacturing facility in the UK.

    Visits need to be pre-arranged with us by contacting us by phone or at

  • How much do the completed kits weigh?

    Armortek kits vary in weight and it is best to check the product pages to get an estimate of the weight.

    However, a couple of examples:

    • Elefant Tank (Basic kit with no options added) – approx 90kg
    • Tiger 1 (All options and batteries included) – approx 110kg
  • Do you make kits in others scales? 1:1 or 1:16 etc?

    No. We have specialised in 1/6th scale metal models and do not produce any other scales.

  • Can the tanks fire rounds/ blanks?

    No they cannot.


  • What experience do I need to build a kit?

    We recommend that you have some experience of modelling or working with metal to build our kits. Although the parts are manufactured on state of the art CNC machines, the builder can expect to need to fettle some parts - for example, filing, clear holes, deburring, etc.

    A comprehensive instruction booklet with drawings and part numbers breaks down the construction into simple stages. We also offer support via email and there is a very resourceful customers forum to provide guidance if you get stuck.

  • What tools will I need to build a kit?

    You will need a set of good hand tools. The following list should be regarded as the minimum:

    • Spanners (wrenches) 5.5mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm and a mini adjustable.
    • Allen (hex) keys 1.5mm-6mm.
    • Screw drivers small flat blade 3mm and 4mm.
    • Pliers 5” long nose, 5” combination.
    • Small hammer
    • Files selection of needle files and small hand files.

    In addition to the above, a selection of larger files and a cordless drill with 3mm, 4mm and 5mm drill bits (for clearing through holes) can be useful to speed things up. You will also need a good sturdy work bench as these kits are heavy once fully assembled.

  • Can the models be left as bare metal?

    Yes they can. Some customers choose not to paint their kits.

    However, some of the parts of the kit are mild steel and would need either an oil or lacquer coating to prevent them from rusting. All other parts can be left untreated as bare metal components.

  • How many parts are there in a kit ?

    The number of parts per kit will vary by model and it is best to check the product’s page for more details.

    However, as an example, the Elefant tank kit contains:

    • Almost 190 UNIQUE parts (excluding fasteners)
    • Over 1,300 parts (excluding fasteners)
    • Almost 1,500 fasteners
  • How long does it take to build a kit?

    In general, one of our tanks takes about 100 to 200 hours to build and paint, but it is not an easy question to answer and depends on your modelling experience as well as how much time is spent on painting and adding after market details or customising parts.

    We have customers who build the kits and keep them in their bare metal finish and we have customers who can spend years researching a certain tank and faithfully replicating all the details of that particular tank onto their model. We also have the full spectrum of customers in between.


  • What are "Option Packs"?

    Option packs are optional extras that can be bought and added to an Armortek kit to bring it "alive".

    We currently sell the following option packs:

    Motion Pack – enables motion and steering for the vehicle through radio control. In the case of tanks it also allows turret rotation and elevation/ slew of the main gun. The product pages for the relevant motion pack provides more details on what is included.

    Sound Pack – enables sounds linked to the motion of the vehicle such as start up and running. Some sound cards also enable crew voices. Motion pack must be purchased in order to use the sound pack.

    Recoil Pack – in the case of tanks, it allows for the recoil of the main gun via radio control. The sound of firing is also triggered. Sound pack must be purchased in order to use recoil.

    Smoke Pack – allows for a smoke effect to be created on starting and driving the vehicle. Motion pack must be purchased in order to use the Smoke Pack.

  • Do you supply and internal combustion engine?

    We currently do not supply an internal combustion engine.

    During the early development of our models several internal combustion engine drive options were tried. However, it quickly became clear that this system was noisy, messy, mechanically complicated and difficult to control. As a result we do not offer this option.

    The drive train to all our models is electric.

  • Can I add my own motors and electronics?


    The idea behind offering the basic kit and then the option packs is to allow individual builders to engineer their own alternatives.

    However, we will not be able to offer support to builders who choose to install their own motors and electrical parts.

  • Can I buy just the kit and add Option Packs later?

    Yes you can.

    We generally keep option packs in stock for several years so they can be purchased at a later date. With most of our kits, the option packs can be added once the kit has been built, however some disassembly may be required.

  • Do I have to buy an Option Pack?

    No you do not.

    An Armortek kit will provide you with a fully built static model. Option packs are only required if you want to bring your model to like by adding remote control motion, sounds, smoke, etc.


  • Do you stock spare parts?

    Yes we do.

    We carry spare parts of most models and currently have around 300,000 parts in stock.

    Please contact us with details of the exact model that you have (type and year) and the part number(s) that you require.


  • How do I order a kit?

    You can either place an order via our website or send us an email at and we will get back to you.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    Through our website we accept American Express, Visa and Mastercard in British Pounds only. Payments are handled securely online through Shopify (Stripe). We do not hold your Credit or Debit card details.

    We also accept payment by Bank Transfer (Wire Transfer) in British Pounds, Euros and US Dollars and Australian Dollars. Please contact us to pay in AUD, EUR, GBP or USD.

  • Can I pay in installments?

    Yes, you can make payments in instalments. Please contact us if this is of interest to you at

    The products will not be shipped until the full payment has been made and there is no additional charge for this service.

  • Why do I need to pay a deposit to reserve a kit?

    Our kits are produced in batches of limited quantity. When they are sold out, no more are available until the model is re-run. Historically a model has been re-run every 3 to 8 years, with some models having no re-run to date.

    Therefore to reserve one of our kits, we ask for a deposit from our customers and operate on a first come first served basis.

    Please note that there is a cancellation fee of £150 if you decide to cancel your order once placed.

  • Can I pay in EUR(€) or USD ($)?

    Yes you can.

    We accept USD and Euro payments by Bank Transfer (Wire Transfer). For more details, please contact us at


  • Do you deliver to my country?

    We ship our products worldwide and already have customers in over 30 countries.

  • Can I pick up the kit from your factory?

    Yes you can.

    Please note that there is still a packaging and handling charge.

  • Will I have to pay import duty or VAT if I live abroad?

    Our kits are classified as "Toys" for customs purposes and therefore there should be no Customs Duty payable.

    However, you will need to pay your local sales tax - depending on your country this may be called VAT/ST/ IVA/MWSt"/GST/TVA