The Awesome Tiger 1

Produced from 1942 to 1944 the Tiger 1 (designation  Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger Ausf. E) is perhaps the most iconic German tank of World War II. Despite less than 1,400 being produced, its lethal gun and heavy armour had a powerful psychological effect on Allied troops.

During production, the Tiger 1 underwent constant improvements with modifications happening almost on a monthly basis. Tiger 1s in the field were either modified by their crews or sent in, resulting in some hybrid versions.

The Armortek late variant Tiger 1 kit is the version from circa 1944.  The most obvious visual changes on this variant compared to the early variant Tiger 1 are that the late variant had “steel wheels”, there is no fiefel air cleaner and at the front of the tank there is a monocular sight (single hole to the right of the main gun barrel) and notched extensions were added to the front of the hull for tow cables.

The Armortek Tiger 1 is sold as a kit for assembly and can be turned into an Radio Controlled (RC) Tank through the addition of options.

Buy the Tiger 1

1/6 scale thickness armour – 12cm thick armour translates to 2cm thick metal plate.

Prototypical torsion suspension setup.

Opening crew and engine hatches.

Robust, all metal drive mechanism made of aluminium and steel

Deck details includes tow ropes, hammer, shovel, jack and many more items.

Bring your model to life with Option Packs

Motion Pack


Turn your kit into an RC tank with the motion pack. 

The pack includes 2 HE electric motors for drive, motor for turret turn (360°), motor for elevation as well as an electronics pack and the mechanical parts needed.

Sound Pack


Bring your RC tank alive with real high definition sounds

The pack includes the electronics and speakers needed to bring engine start up, acceleration sounds (proportional to RC transmitter throttle position) gun firing and many more. Digital recordings made from real engines. 

Recoil Pack


Add main gun recoil and flash to your RC tank. 

The pack includes the motor, LEDs, electronics and mechanical components to add realistic main run recoil and recovery to your tank.

Smoke Pack


Add realistic exhaust smoke to your RC tank. 

The pack includes the smoke box, heating unit, fan and the electronics needed. The fan activates when the tank moves.

Build photographs of the Tiger 1 Armortek Kit