buy-nowSound Option Pack

Sound recordings available for:

  • Tiger 1/Sturmtiger (all models)
  • Sherman VC (Firely)
  • Sherman M4/A3
  • Panzer III/IV
  • T34 76/85
  • Panther/Jagdpanther/Bergepanther
  • Comet
  • US Half Track
  • Sdkfz 222
  • Sdkfz 7
  • King Tiger
  • Centurion
  • StuG III
  • MkIV Tank
  • Sdkfz 251

(Note: A motion pack is required for this system)

Armortek Amplifier Module

Benedini TBS5 plug and play sound generator card. Features multi function, micro-processor controlled, and digitally recorded sound of the tank engine.

  • Start up, proportion idle and engine run, and engine shutdown, with up to 10 other sound effects.
  • 25watt RMS high quality robust amplifier with easy to use volume control.
  • This amplifier is matched to a pair of very high quality Tannoy loudspeakers.