Silver Ghost Chassis & Engine

The Rolls-Royce 40/50, or “Silver Ghost” as it was to become known, was labeled the  “best car in the world” by Autocar in 1907 following its launch at the Olympia car show in 1906 – and for good reason. It’s ultra smooth engine and refined chassis led to unrivaled refinement and reliability.

In 1907, following reliability trials a Silver Ghost (chassis no. 60551, registered AX 201) completed 24,000 km running between London and Glasgow 27 times.

Incredibly, AX201 still survives to this date and is owned by Bentley Motors. It makes regular appearances at events around the world and is perhaps the most expensive car in the world.

Silver Ghost production lasted until 1926, and over that time a total of 7,800 cars were produced, including 1,700 built in the US.

The Armortek Silver Ghost chassis and engine is sold as a kit for assembly, but we also offer a service to build and paint the model.

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  • Made from aluminium, brass and steel

  • Radiator fan powered by electric motor hidden in the engine

  • Kit contains over 2,200 parts with over 300 unique components

  • Working steering

  • Working differential for the rear wheels

  • Leaf spring suspension front and rear

  • Spoke wheels with original design

  • Option to have model assembled and painted by Armortek

1:6th scale metal tank

1/6th scale

Length 86cm (34”), Width 32cm (12”)

Kit parts

Over 2,200 parts with over 300 unique components


Weight = 10.5kg (23 lbs).

Armortek’s Silver Ghost Chassis and engine