Silver Ghost 40/50 hp Engine

The Rolls-Royce 40/50 hp engine was introduced with the Silver Ghost in late 1906 as a six cylinder, side valve 7 litre engine. In 1910 this was increased to 7 ½ litres, and the engine remained in production in the UK until 1925 and USA until 1926.

The engine’s massive seven-bearing crankshaft had full pressure lubrication, with the centre main bearing made especially large to dampen vibrations. This effectively slit the engine into two three-cylinder units – each cylinder having two spark plugs.  Improvements over the years, including improved cooling in 1914, allowed power output to be increased from 48 bhp at 1,500 rpm to 80 bhp by the end of its lifetime in 1925.

The 40/50 hp rapidly developed a reputation for reliability and refinement – as demonstrated by a widely publicised and trouble free 15,000 mile trail in 1909.

The Armortek 40/50hp engine is sold as a kit for assembly, but we also offer a service to build the model.

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  • Made from aluminium, brass and steel

  • Radiator fan powered by electric motor hidden in the engine

  • Kit contains over 420 parts with 94 unique components

  • Comes with presentation stand

  • Power supply included

  • Option to have model assembled and painted by Armortek

Engine shown on presentation plinth.

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Engine shown from the front.

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Engine details showing the spark plugs.

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Engine detail showing cylinder

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Engine details.

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1:6th scale metal tank

1/6th scale

Length = 21cm (8.3″)


Weight = 2.3kg (5 lbs).

Kit parts

Over 420 parts (94 unique components).