buy-nowMotion Option Pack

Their all metal construction, and true to full size design, results in Armortek models moving and performing like their full size counterparts. To bring your vehicle to life we offer the following Motion Pack.


  • New flange mounted ‘Armortek design’ gearbox.
  • Using Davall “Spiradrive” gear sets.
  • Grease lubricated for life
  • 90% efficient power transmission.
  • 30% longer battery life.
  • Increases battery charging from regeneration (Armortek speed control module only, not 4QD)
  • Compact mechanical solution.
  • Smaller drive motor but with improved performance.
  • Very quiet long life design.
  • Hi torque 24v turret rotation motor with precision in- line gearbox.
  • 24v elevation motor with in line gearbox, and travel limit switches.
  • Power supply module
  • Speed control module
  • Auxiliary function module
  • Plug and Play Wiring pack
  • Mechanical parts pack.

NB. Specifications may vary on smaller vehicles