1:6 M3 Lee/ Grant Medium Tank

The M3 Medium Tank was produced from August 1941 until December 1942 and during that time over 6,200 were produced in a testament to American industrial ability to ramp up production in a short time.

Design for the M3 Medium Tank started in mid 1940 as a response to the urgent US requirement to have a tank with a 75mm gun as well as to the British requirement for Medium Tanks to match the German Panzer IIIs and IVs.
The lack of experience in the US of building turrets for large caliber guns meant that the main gun was mounted in a sponson with a 37mm gun mounted in the turret – a design reminiscent of the French Char B1.

The British required some changes to the turret to house a radio and also replaced the machine gun cupola with a simple hatch. The resulting M3 was called the Grant, whilst the US version was called the Lee.

The Armortek 1:6 M3 Lee and the M3 Grant Medium Tanks are sold as a kit for assembly.

The kits are LIMITED EDITION and will be numbered with a certificate of authenticity, so be sure to reserve yours early.

M3 Lee Medium Tank

Armortek 1:6 M3 Lee/Grant Medium Tank
Armortek 1:6 M3 Lee/Grant Medium Tank
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M3 Grant Medium Tank

Armortek 1:6 M3 Lee/Grant Medium Tank
Armortek 1:6 M3 Lee/Grant Medium Tank
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  • Made from aluminium, brass and steel

  • Prototypical suspension

  • Scale thickness armour

  • Turret rotates 360 degrees, hatches open

  • Over 200 hours of building enjoyment

  • Bolt together construction using normal DIY tools

1:6th scale metal tank

1/6th scale

Length 94cm (37″), Width 44cm (17”), Height 48cm (19″) – Grant

Kit parts

Over 1,100 parts


Weight = 45kg.

Option Packs

Turn your 1:6 scale M3 Lee and M3 Grant Medium Tank into a Remote Controlled vehicle with Option Packs



Add remote control drive and steering with the Motion Pack. 

Turret Turn

Turret rotation

Part of the Motion Pack gives you turret turn and gun elevation – all through remote control



Add realistic sound to your vehicle including  engine and gun firing.


Wartime documentary on the production of the M3 Medium Tank narrated by Orson Welles

Around the M3 Grant Medium Tank Part 1

Around the M3 Grant Medium Tank Part 2