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Armortek Link Sections
Art Work /Prints
Dick Kramer Studios – Your source for all your tactical artwork.
New! FREE Military History Art by Mark Churms For You to Enjoy! Plus Warriors, soldiers, warships, planes, famous leaders, generals, wars, battles, and more.
ww2connection.comSigned World war Two Books and Prints collection of artwork and prints of thousands of images about tanks and the military.
Board Wargames
Bunker Hill Games
Specializing in board wargames and books at significant discount from retail, with some few miniatures resources.
Eagle GamesEagle Games? core product line is made up of historical strategy games aimed at transporting players back in time, and allowing them to recreate or change the key events of the past.
Spirit Games
A long established wargames and general games shop with a fast mail order service and comprehensive website built up over the last 6 years.
Our brave service men and women that dedicated their lives for their country are unfortunately the most common victims of Mesothelioma.
R/C Tank Combat
The R/C Tank Combat hobby is dedicated to the battling of radio-controlled large-scale models of tanks, armored cars and artillery. All combat is waged…….
Southeast Armored Division
A Georgia Radio Control Scale AFV Club We participate in scale RC (Radio Control) tank runs and contest battle scenarios outdoors over rough terrain. Exchange ideas on construction techniques and modeling. All radio controlled AFV (Armored Fighting Vehicle) scales from 1/25 to 1/6 are welcome.
UK Tank Club
The website of the UK Tank Club with information on owning and running a Radio Controlled Tank. 
Community Military Modelling Forums
The personal computer has enabled tank enthusiasts to simulate historical and future battles in exacting detail. offers reviews of the recent tank sims, news about future products and tank developments, multi-player lists and chat rooms for on-line tank battles, custom missions, maps, demos, patches, and downloads.
Website for discussions about military vehicles and tactics from all countries.
U boats Of The ReichIn Depth look at German U boats, U boat Types, U boat Commanders, U boat Flotillas, Of WWII. Combat history, technical data and photos, development history.
Panzers Of The ReichInformation on the German Panzer Tanks Of WWII, Panzer I, Panzer II, Panzer III, Panzer IV, Stug, Tiger Tank, Panther Tank, Sdkfz Halftracks, And Waffen SS,development history, combat service, technical data and photos.
Kriegsmarine Of The ReichInformation on the German Battleships Of WWII, Bismarck, Graf Zeppelin, Tirpitz, Admiral Graf Spee, ect, development history, combat service, technical data and photos.
Computer Games of Tanks is a free massively multiplayer online game dedicated to armored warfare in the mid-20th century. Throw yourself into epic tank battles shoulder to shoulder with other steel cowboys to dominate the world with tank supremacy!
Figures and Manufacturers 
All things 1:6 scale including Dragon figures and diorama accessories.
Suppliers of 20mm white metal WWII miniature figures.
Blue Max Militaria
Selling 12″ action figures, WW II reference books, Zippo lighters.
Dave’s Trains, Inc.
A frequently updated website offering toy soldiers from Russia, quality postwar Lionel trains, accessories, prewar Lionel, trains from the former Soviet Union and an archives section which provides free information to train collectors.
Newthorpe ModelsNewthorpe 1/6th Models are authentic modellers who build 1/6th scale models for those who don’t have the necessary mechanical or technical experience on the construction of these impressive, large scale, radio controlled military vehicles.
We also sell 1/6th action figures that can be viewed through our gallery. If we haven’t got the figure that you have in mind we can try our best to get it for you.
The 15mm Command Decision figures covering world war II are sold in packs which contain at least 50 figures or items of equipment. The 15mm Command Decision vehicles made from white metal kits are designed to be easy to construct using super glue, epoxy cement or solder. See site for more info.
www.dragon-products.euHere you will find a large assortment of army vehicles, figures and more from different countries.
www.warchyld.com1:6 scale figures and accessories
www.machinegun.fr1:6 scale figures and accessories
Living History
101st Airborne 506th PIR
We are a World War II 101st Airborne Reenactment Unit formed in the midwest area with members as far north as Madison, WI to as south as St. Louis, MO
5.SS WIKING reenactment group.
History of the  5.SS WIKING Division & Other Foreign Volunteers of the German Armed Forces. 
83rd Infantry Re-enactors
Dedicated historians re-enacting the Thunderbolt Across Europe in the Midwest.
Frundsberg 10th SS
Reenacting the German recon element of the 10. SS Division Frundsberg
  Allied Reenactment ForumThe allied re-enactment forum and community.
Magazines / News
A comprehensive summary of military news and affairs, including battlefield reports, weapon tests, terrorism, etc. We cover the inside data on how and why things happen.
Military Books
40 year specialist book dealer in all areas of military history new and used.
Barbarossa  Books
Established for eight years, and stocking 10,000 different books and magazines for the modeller and enthusiast.
Christopher Morris Books
Specialist Bookseller offering numerous military titles, as well as information service offering news reviews and much more.
Derek Hayles Military Books
Secure site updated daily. Scarce and out of print books on land forces.
Helion & Company
Specialist booksellers in military history, with expertise in foreign language books.  Publishers of high-quality military history including translations.
Portrayal Press
Books and manuals on historic American military vehicles
RZM Imports
Your one stop shop for the finest military photo books on WW2.
Home to Patton’s Troubleshooters; the 80th Infantry Division Blue Ridgers and the 702nd Tank Battalion Red Devils History Of World War Two.
Third Reich Books Films Music etc.
Books & films that have been translated into English from Third Reich & SS originals. Plus German military march music on CD, war art posters, flags, militaria.
World War Two Books
New and second-hand military history books, specialising in the Second World War with other periods of military history also listed.
www.afvhandbooks.comAFV user handbooks and reports on CD digitally reproduced from the original documents, fully indexed and cross-referenced’.
Military History
Achtung Panzer !
German Armored Fighting Vehicles of WWII.
Arcane Fighting Vehicles
Information on British tracked armoured fighting vehicles with an emphasis on the lesser known vehicles as first priority.
Britains Small Wars
The History of British Military Conflicts since 1945.
Lone Sentry
Photos, Articles, and Research on the European Theatre in World War II
Military Quotes, Jokes & Humour
Over 1500 military related quotations and over 500 unit mottos. You can also find many military jokes, funny quotes and much more military related humour on the site. 
Panzers Of The Reich
Panzers Of The Reich is dedicated to the men and vehicles of the second world war. And i will be adding to it as and when i get more material if you have any pictures or technical information then please email me.
Information about the German armoured forces of World War II 
A group interested in Military History and Photography. Recreating Wartime atmosphere and Incidents.
Home to Patton’s Troubleshooters; the 80th Infantry Division Blue Ridgers and the 702nd Tank Battalion Red Devils History Of World War Two.
Tiger I Information Center
Detailed information about every aspect of the Tiger I tank.
World War 2 In Europe
>A good general site with detailed summaries of the major events in Europe, along with memoirs, brief bios and an elaborate comparison of American, British, German and Soviet armored fighting vehicles.
WW2 Memoirs-3rd Infantry Div.
Sharing the pictorial history of World War II in Europe, is the main objective of this website. I dedicate these pages to the memory of my Dad, Bill Heller (1910-1972), and the brave men and women, who sacrificed so much for our freedom.
World War2 History
World war 2 History and information
A complete World War 2 Timeline, detailing every event, day by day from 1939 through to 1945.
A large military photo archive , which offer high res scans on cd.
The history of War World II
Wehrmacht History 1935 to 1945
The primary focus of Wehrmacht History is on all military vehicles planes, ships, and weapons from 1935 to 1945 used by Heer (army), Luftwaffe (Airforce), Kriegsmarine (Navy), U-boats (Submarines), Waffen SS (Hitler’s Elite), and secondary there Leaders.
Military Memorabilia & Suppliers
1944 Militaria
The Most Authentic German World War II Original & Reproduction Camouflage, Uniforms & Equipment.
WWII Impressions
Virtual catalogue of replica WWII U.S. Military Uniforms and Accessories
Sentimental Journey
Specialist suppliers of items relating to Britain’s armed conflicts 1914-1980
Espenlaub Militaria
Original WW2 German and Russian militaria for sale. Steel helmets, uniforms, field gear, battlefield relics and more…Battlefield tours.
PzG Inc
For more than twenty years PzG Inc. has offered high quality reproductions of historical Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich flags, pictures, posters, postcards, calendars, military music, famous speeches, German maps, war movies, toys, novelties, WWII memorabilia and Nazi regalia. 
Military Photos- Wartime Posters- Militaria
At the Front
At the Front, WWII uniform and equipment outfitters US At the Front carries a full line of WWII American and German uniforms, insignia and equipment for reenactors, war-gamers, collectors and historians.
Soldat FHQ
High quality World War II German replicas and books at your fingertips.
Airsoft Direct
Airsoft Direct is the latest UK Airsoft retailer supplying realistic Airsoft replica firearms at prices you can afford.
G43/K43 German WW2 Rifles
Please take a moment and visit my comprehensive G43 website for hard to find original and reproduction German K98, G41, G43, K43, and Mp44 parts and accessories!
The Gunner
Suppliers of deactivated weapons, accessories and spares, specialist in the Vickers and Bren Machine guns
Tiger Tank H E 181
Technical Information ,Drawings, Plans and Illustrations are gathered from Tiger Tank Manuals D 656/21 D 656/22 D 656/30 D 656/27 and D 9023/
Military Vehicles
Danish Army Vehicles
Site describing the broad variety of vehicles used in the Danish Army from 1908 to present.
German King Tiger Tank
Dedicated to the King Tiger tank. Development history, photos, technical specifications and other resources related to this infamous tank.
Panzers Of The Reich
Information on the German Panzer Tanks Of WWII development history, combat service, technical data and photos.
The War and Peace Revival
The largest military vehicle show in the world, takes place each year in Folkestone, Kent, England.
Movies / Films
WETAWeta Workshop is situated in Wellington, New Zealand and is a comprehensive film and television effects facility that houses a large and varied skill base of creative technicians. Best known for their work on ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, Weta Workshop is a five time Academy Award winning company that offers services to all aspects of the creative industry including design, special make-up effects and prosthetics, creatures, armour, weapons, miniatures, prop building, large scale sculpture, display work and costuming.
Modellers Web sites
metalmodelsSpecialise in 1 off 1/6th scale AVF and soft skin military vehicles of metal constructions. All models are built to be working radio controlled with all operating functions such as; winches, towing arms, doors, hatches, lights etc.
120 mm resin Stug’s
On side picture resin set of models Stug’s in scale 1:15 are ..My production.
Armorama is first and foremost a community site. Whether you decide to become an active participant in the sites activities or a silent lurker, we hope that you find something on the site that can help with your pursuit of the hobby.
EZ8 Sherman
I build and sell EZ8 Sherman models. See my website at for details.
Model making site that covers all forms of model making. Shops, manufacturers, museums, clubs, glossaries and much more all on the one site.
Henk of Holland
A site for the small Military Scale with a lot of information about his masters, he made for several manufacturers, other models and manufacturers. The site is in English and becomes regular updates.
I have tried to include several model sites including plastic kit manufacturers, resin kit manufacturers and metal kit manufacturers. There are dealers………
John Sander’s Tiger 1 website
1000’s of photos of Armortek models in action. Plus detail pictures of the Bovington and Saumur Tigers.
Kakos Hobby
Showcase collection of scale models. Pictures and information. You can see models of cars, motorcycles, trains, aircrafts, ships, tanks, military diorama detailing and figures.
Miniatures Brasil
Scale model website with models built by me and other Brazilian modellers. Tips, walkaround, reviews, links. Portuguese and English
Miniatures by Sam Garcia
For enthusiast of military miniatures a presentation of models, figures, dioramas.  Many WW 2 subjects and  other  eras. Commission work accepted by Sam Garcia.
Panzer Museam in 1/15 & 1/16
Encyclopaedia of 1/15 & 1/16 scale armored models planned to represent the vehicles used by the German Wehrmacht 1939-1945 in Museum quality showcase and exhibition.
RC Armor
This lady will be 20 years old in March of 2003.  She’s worn out 4 sets of tracks and 2 paint jobs, and 1 set of fenders; but, she’s still in fighting form!  Folk, my own “Steel Lady”. 
Rich Stinchcomb’s Armortek 1/6th
Rich Stinchcomb’s personal web site showing the steps he took to build an Armortek 1/6th scale WWII German Tiger I tank kit.  Comprehensive steps and pictures detailing various options.
The patented RUSTALL Weathering System is an easy to use product designed to simulate a random rust pattern for weathering model trains, military models, scale autos, and other miniatures.
Scale Model Net
We are Members of International List of Scale Model Related Web Sites.
This is a Global resource for the Modeller.
Tank and Half-Tracks
Site devote to tanks and half-tracks scratch build any scale any countries any period
The 1/6th Combat Engineers
This site provides links and information to projects for the 1/6th scale modelling community and 12 inch Action Figure Hobbyists.
The Illustrated Fallschirmjager
Customized 1/6th Fallschirmjager collection, figure gallery ,dioramas,  reference photo’s, historical reference, illustrations, sale and commissions, Links page, book review, a wealth of information by FALLSCHIRMARTZ!
Wartanks – Manufacturing, Distribution, Wholesale and Retail of Military Scale Model Replica’s in 1/48th scale.
Wikingers Panzermodellbau
Museums & Military Sites
36 Heavy Air Defence Regiment
Dedicated to all who served in the Biggest Regiment in the British Army. History and Reunion information on 36 Regiment RA. All Welcome. 
517th Parachute Regimental
The 517th Parachute Regimental Combat Team (PRCT), one of the U.S. Army’s first elite combat units, saw most of its combat (in Italy, southern France, and the Battle of the Bulge) as an independent unit during WWII.
Aberdeen Proving Grounds
Aberdeen Proving Ground, the Army’s oldest active proving ground, was established on October 20, 1917, six months after the United States entered World War I, to provide the military a facility……………
The Tank Museum
The Tank Museum, Bovington, Dorset, BH20 6JG, United Kingdom
Dansk Panser
Display all modern armour of the Danish army.
East England Tank Museum
Exhibiting armoured vehicles and support equipment from WWII to current. Also showing weapons, radios and uniforms. Tank rides and training also available.
German U-Boats
Features technical details of German U-Boats including the specifications, weapons and equipment. The history of the Battle of the Atlantic is also presented.
Panzermuseum.Com’s mission is to bring you a selection of documents from the Captured German War Records collection at the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).
Russian Tank Museum
Military- Historical Museum of Armored Vehicles and Equipment TANK MUSEUM in KUBINKA
The Imperial War Museum
The Imperial War Museum is unique in its coverage of conflicts, especially those involving Britain and the Commonwealth, from the First World War to the present day.
The Society of the 3rd Inf Division
The Society provides opportunities and facilities uniting past, present and future members of the Third Infantry Division, U. S. Army, in a national program dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of the Third Infantry Division’s traditions and history.
Wings of Liberation
The liberation of the South of the Netherlands during World War II is the central issue in the Wings of Liberation museum.
World War 2This site aspires to cover every aspect of W.W. II: from interesting and surprising details, to a general and synthetic view of the military aspect of W.W.II, but also the human face of war is not forgotten. Veterans accounts, facts, myths, are also covered. The site is illustrated by many pictures of the time! There are also over a thousand pictures of how the battlefields of the second world war look today! From Normandy, to the Ardennes, Arnhem, Northern France, Flanders, Bratislava, and much more!
aaftankmuseum.comThe AAF Tank Museum was founded in 1981 as a 501 (c) 3 not for profit charitable organization, with a mission to educate, collect, restore, preserve, and display as varied a collection of military tank and cavalry artifacts as is possible, so that present and future generations will have a significant part of military history available for them to learn from and explore.
Service members civil relief site performs searches to determine whether an individual is on active military duty
Greenhill Books Online
Information and e-commerce site for Greenhill Books, one of the UK’s foremost publishers of  Military History and technical books.
Specialist publishing company, devoted to military history. Our books are well known for the extent of their research and the quantity of excellent photographs.
Second-hand Discontinued Kit Suppliers
Specialists in Second-hand, Discontinued & New Plastic Model Kits, Figures, Diecast & Toys.
Supplier and Resellers
Actionfiguren shop – figures in 1:6 scale
Full sortiment 1:6 scale Figure Store. Dragon, BBI, SIdeshow, Ignite, Armoury and more…
Armorpax Range of Superdetail kits in white metal and resin. We offer a range of high quality update kits and accessories for commercially available large scale Radio Controlled Tanks from 1/16 to 1/6 scale.
East Coast Armory
Highly detailed resin and metal 1/6th scale tank upgrade parts.
Model making site that covers all forms of model making. Shops, manufacturers, museums, clubs, glossaries and much more all on the one site.
Langleys toys
Models And Games And toys From Hornby, Airfix, Revell etc.
Micro Fasteners Inc
Micro Fasteners offers all types of fasteners for the r/c hobbiest. US and metric sizes available from 00-90 to 1/4″ and M1.4 to M6.
Model Kit Ltd
Specialise in 1:35 scale armour kits from all top manufatcurers. Also figures, diorama accessories, paints, glues and tools. Monthly offers!!
Newthorpe 1/6th Models
Newthorpe 1/6th Models are authentic modellers who build 1/6th scale models for those who don’t have the necessary mechanical or technical experience on the construction of these impressive, large scale, radio controlled military vehicles. We also sell 1/6th action figures that can be viewed through our gallery. If we haven?t got the figure that you have in mind we can try our best to get it for you.
Strategos Athena
We are able to offer you all 1/72 dragon, tanks, planes  diecast, only 8.99
euro, free post also italeri 1/72 figures, only 5.99 euro, free post 1/6 dragon action men.
Suppliers of sculpting materials range includes Kneadatite Green Stuff, Brown Stuff. Sylmasta A+B, Milliput. Help and Advice.
The Canadian Toy Soldier Company
Retailer of high quality toy and model soldiers from around the world such as Andrea Miniatures, The East Of India Company, Zvezda, Italeri, Tamiya, Imperial Productions, and Amber Miniatures.
The Flying Mule
Specializing in highly-detailed, historically accurate diecast model aircraft for aviation enthusiasts and collectors. 
Warsaw Model Center
An online model store: scale models, figures, Die Cast, RC models, railway models, warhammer, airsoft gun BB, War & Fantasy Games and more…
www.6thscaleicons.comHighly detailed upgrade parts for 1.6 scale German tanks and AFV’s. Over 200 products, mostly made of photo-etched brass and cast white metal.
// the vanguard of innovative product solutions for the Automotive servicing, repairand bodyshop refinish aftermarkets.
//www.armynavy.comReal military dog tags for emergency ID, dogs, gifts, pet
rescue, parties, hunting ID, fishing ID, hiking ID, travel ID, groups,
weddings, fundraisers, Dog Tag Previewer, spreadsheet uploads, and nice
volume discounts.