75x7517 Pdr. Anti tank  Gun


Kit Features

Selection of Kit Parts

  • All metal CNC Machined and laser cut components
  • Working trail lock and tow mechanism
  • Moulded rubber tyres
  • Working anti recoil spade mechanism
  • Cam operated locking breech
  • Spring return breech block
  • Double skinned gun shield
  • Gun sight
  • Rubber tyred wheels and ball bearing hubs
  • Geared slew and elevation mechanisms
  • Multi piece gun barrel and muzzle brake
  • Includes all fasteners, pins and bearings
  • Simple exploded view instructions


  • Length – 1170mm (46″)
  • Width – 355mm (14″)
  • Height -280mm (11″)
  • Weight – 10 kilos (22lbs)


Designed to replace the 6 pounder,  the Ordance QF 17 PDR was a 76.2mm (3 inch) gun developed in the UK in 1941, the first production guns were completed in April 1942 and by the end of the year 670 of the guns had been completed.    They were first used during the Italian campaign from 1943 to the end of WWII.

The 17-pounder outperformed all other Allied armour-piercing guns, and was quickly adapted for use on various tank chassis,  whilst earning the reputation  as the most effective Allied anti-tank weapon in the entire war.

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Pictures in the gallery show actual model pictures and some customer builds to which additional parts may have been added.


 Graphic images –Studio Mitchell

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