What are “Option Packs”?

Option packs are optional extras that can be bought and added to the basic Armortek kit. We currently sell the following option packs: Motion Pack - enables motion and steering for the vehicle through radio control. In the case of tanks it also allows turret rotation and elevation/ slew of the main gun. The [...]

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Do you supply an internal combustion engine?

We currently do not supply an internal combustion engine. During the early development of our models several internal combustion engine drive options were tried. However, it quickly became clear that this system was noisy, messy, mechanically complicated and difficult to control. As a result we do not offer this option.

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Can I add my own motors and electrics?

Yes. The idea behind offering the basic kit and then the option packs is to allow individual builders to engineer their own alternatives. However, we will not be able to offer support to builders who choose to install their own motors and electrical parts.

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