What is included in the Armortek kits?

The kits include all the parts necessary to build the model as illustrated. This includes: machined, cast, and sheet metal parts Bearings and all fasteners required Comprehensive instruction manual and assembly drawings. The basic kit provides you with a complete static model. Option Packs can be added to provide Motion, Sound, Gun Recoil and [...]

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Where are the kits produced?

Our kits are designed in-house and manufactured at our site in Hampshire in the UK. We have state of the art CNC machines on which we machine the components in our kits.

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What are your kits made out of?

Our kits are predominantly made out of metal - with the obvious exception of components like rubber tyres and canvas roofs. We use mainly aluminium. In general, steel is used for some drive components and thin sheet metal, whilst brass is used for some bushes and decorative components.

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Do you provide ready built models or only kits ?

We predominately sell kits for our customers to build themselves. However, we do offer a service to build and paint the model. We have limited capacity to offer this service - if you are interested, please contact us at This service cannot be ordered through our website.

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What are LIMITED EDITION kits?

Our kits tend to be produced in batches of limited numbers - typically less than 100 kits - hence they are Limited Edition. Each kit* comes with a certificate to indicate its serial number and certify its authenticity. Historically Limited Edition runs of the same model have been run between 3 to 8 years [...]

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Do you make kits to order?

Unfortunately not. Due to the economics of research, design and production, a one-off kit would cost many times the cost of a standard model.

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Do you have a shop I can visit?

We do have a small display area at our manufacturing facility, however, due to the ongoing pandemic and the risk to our staff, no visitors are allowed at our premesis until further notice.

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How much do the Armortek kits weigh?

Armortek kits vary in weight and it is best to check the product pages to get an estimate of the weight. However, a couple of examples: Elefant (Basic kit with no options added) - approx 90kg Tiger 131 (All options and batteries included) - approx 130kg

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