What are LIMITED EDITION models ?

From time to time we produce special Armortek kits in a limited quantity. The batch size varies depending on the model, but would typically be less that 100 kits. To reserve one of the Limited Edition models, you would be required to put down a deposit. This deposit ensures that one of the kits is [...]

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How many parts are there in an Armortek kit?

The number of parts per kit will vary by model and it is best to check the product's page for more details. However, as an example, the Elefant kit contains: Almost 190 UNIQUE parts (excluding fasteners) Over 1,300 parts (excluding fasteners) Almost 1,500 fasteners  

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How long does it take to build an Armortek kit?

That is not an easy question to answer and depends on your modelling experience as well as what you would like your finished model to look like. It can take anywhere from 3-4 days for an experienced builder to several years to build an Armortek kit. We have customers who build the kits and keep [...]

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How much do the Armortek kits weigh?

Armortek kits vary in weight and it is best to check the product pages to get an estimate of the weight. However, a couple of examples: Elefant (Basic kit with no options added) - approx 90kg Tiger 131 (All options and batteries included) - approx 130kg

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What tools will I need to build a kit?

You will need a set of good hand tools. The following list should be regarded as the minimum: Spanners (wrenches) 5.5mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm and a mini adjustable. Allen (hex) keys 1.5mm-6mm. Screw drivers small flat blade 3mm and 4mm. Pliers 5” long nose, 5” combination. Small hammer Files selection of needle files and small [...]

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What is included in the Armortek kits?

The kits include all the parts necessary to build the model as illustrated. This includes: machined, cast, and sheet metal parts Bearings and all fasteners required Comprehensive instruction manual and assembly drawings. The basic kit provides you with a complete static model. Option Packs can be added to provide Motion, Sound, Gun Recoil and Smoke. [...]

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What are “Option Packs”?

Option packs are optional extras that can be bought and added to the basic Armortek kit. We currently sell the following option packs: Motion Pack - enables motion and steering for the vehicle through radio control. In the case of tanks it also allows turret rotation and elevation/ slew of the main gun. The product [...]

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