Bogie setup for positions 1,2 and 11


We are very pleased to announce that the next kit we will be releasing after the Hetzer will be one of the heaviest Allied tanks of the second world war – the Churchill. More specifically, we will be making the Mk III variant of the tank.

The Churchill Mk III tank has so far been a fascinating project for us. Not only has it been an interesting journey tracing its history and development, but the design of tank is a real amalgam of design philosophies.

One of the interesting facts about the Churchill is that it was the Churchill(s) from the 48th Royal Tank Regiment which disabled the Tiger 1 (131) that the Tank Museum in Bovington have and now run on a regular basis. Read more about that here

For those of you that bought an Armortek Tiger 131, this would make a great addition to the story!

Armortek’s 1:6 scale Churchill Mk III tank is based off measurements of the Churchill Mk III and Mk IV tanks at the Tank Museum in Bovington as well as from research from their archives.

The tank  is sold as a kit for assembly and can be turned into an Radio Controlled (RC) Tank through the addition of options.

Key specifications 

All metal construction featuring scale thickness armour.

Functional hatches

Prototypical spring loaded suspension

Length : 122cm (48″)

Width: 54cm (21″)

Height: 46cm (18″)

Weight – to be determined, but probably around 90 to 110kg (220lbs)

Number of parts = 1,180 (221 unique parts)
Number of fasteners = 2,120

Note – above details may change as we progress through prototyping and production.


The kit cost will be £4,395 excluding VAT and shipping.

The following Option Packs will be available:

  • Motion Pack (RC drive and gun slew/ elevation) : £1,220 excluding VAT and P&P
  • Sound Pack (proportional engine sounds, gun firing and more): £385 excluding VAT and P&P
  • Recoil Pack (recoil and LED flash when the main gun fires): £287.50 excluding VAT and P&P
  • Smoke Pack (realistic exhaust smoke): £124.17 excluding VAT and P&P

Shipping costs will be finalised once the weight of the kit is known.

Pricing correct as off November 2020. Subject to change.



Customers now have the opportunity to pre-pay for the kit of their choice in instalments on a monthly or quarterly basis to help spread payments. Contact us for details.

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