THREE NEW KITS ANNOUNCED We are very pleased to announce our next LIMITED EDITION Armortek kits which will be manufactured and shipped over the next 9 months: First up will be the Sherman M4A3 HVSS (the "Easy Eight") made all the more popular by the movie "Fury", which will be shipping in Spring 2021. This will [...]

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Two impressive kits to see in 2020 We are very pleased to announce that this summer we will be shipping our latest 1:6 SCALE LIMITED EDITION kits  - the Universal Carrier and the Stug III. The Universal Carrier Tracing its genesis to the tankettes of the 1920, [...]

2020-12-04T10:08:43+00:00January 31st, 2020|News|

Czech Hedgehog – Anti-Tank obstacle

Armortek are very pleased to announce the latest addition to our growing range of kits:  The Czech Hedgehog (Tschechenigel) Anti Tank Obstacle With the militarisation of Germany in the 1930's, Czechoslovakia became increasingly worried over the security of its borders and a decision was made to fortify its borders. [...]

2019-06-10T14:44:27+01:00June 10th, 2019|News|

The Supermarine Spitfire in 1:6 Scale

EXACTLY 65 years after the last RAF operational flight of the Spitfire (1st April 1954) Armorair are very pleased to announce a new 1:6 kit: The Supermarine Spitfire – one of the most iconic aircraft from World War II. Type 300 Prototype K5054 at Eastleigh airport, possibly taken on its [...]

2019-03-31T12:24:20+01:00April 1st, 2019|News|

Armortek announce the Chieftain MK 5 MBT

Armortek's Chieftain Mk 5 Main Battle Tank  We are very pleased to announce that this summer we will be shipping our latest LIMITED EDITION model  - the impressive Chieftain Mk 5 Main Battle Tank. Designed in the late 50s and early 60s the Chieftain was a evolution of the [...]

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Armortek announce re-release of the King Tiger kit

Armortek's King Tiger kit to be re-released at the end of 2019 Due to popular demand, we would like to announce that around the end of 2019 we will be re-releasing the King Tiger Armortek kit. Last released by Armortek in 2013, and sold to customers in over 14 [...]

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Armortek highly rated for quality and service

Survey respondents rate Armortek excellent for quality and service In November 2018 Armortek ran a survey across it's customer base and news letter subscribers. Over the 3 day period that the survey ran for, we received almost 500 responses from 44 countries. Over 75% of the respondents were existing Armortek customers. [...]

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Shipping of the Sd Kfz 9 (FAMO) started

World’s leading manufacturer of 1:6 scale metal model kits announces shipping of the Sd Kfz 9 (Famo) kit. Winchester, UK. 12th October: Almost 1 year to the day since we announced that we would consider making the Sd Kfz 9 (Famo), we are extremely pleased to have started shipping the kits to the hard core [...]

2018-12-11T16:32:44+00:00October 13th, 2018|News|

New Armortek Kits Launched – the iconic M3 Medium Tank

World’s leading manufacturer of 1:6 scale metal model kits launches two new limited-edition tank models. Winchester, UK. 17th September 2018: Armortek (, the world’s leading manufacturer of 1:6 scale metal model kits announces the launch of their latest products – the iconic M3 Lee/Grant medium tanks. Used by the [...]

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