EXACTLY 65 years after the last RAF operational flight of the Spitfire (1st April 1954) Armorair are very pleased to announce a new 1:6 kit:

The Supermarine Spitfire – one of the most iconic aircraft from World War II.

Type 300 Prototype K5054 at Eastleigh airport, possibly taken on its inaugural test flight.

Originally designed in the mid 1930’s by R.J. Mitchell, an aeronautical engineer working for Supermarine Aviation Works in Southampton, the first Spitfire prototype (Type 300 Prototype K5054) flew from Eastleigh airport – a stone’s throw from Armortek’s factory – on  March  5th 1936.

Over the next 12 years over 20,000 Spitfires would be built spanning 1938 to 1948. The design continuously evolved and there were 24 marks made with several sub variants. The final Spitfire rolled off the production line in February 1948 with its maiden flight a few weeks later on the 4th April.

The  kit

Made of aluminium and steel the 1:6 kit will be just over 1.5m long (almost 5 feet) and have a wingspan of over 1.85 meters (over 6 feet). It is expected to weigh in excess of 15kg (33lbs).

The kit will have an exposed frame, although modellers can cover it with a skin.

The kit is designed to be a static model and would make an imposing feature in any house or garden.

Availability of the kit, like the authenticity of this announcement, is to be determined ;-)