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About Armortek

Armortek is a privately owned business and is the world’s leading manufacturer of 1/6th scale armour kits.

Having started over 15 years ago, Armortek has produced over 25 different WW1 and WW2 kits for hobbyists, engineers and collectors across the world over the years.

Working closely with the Tank Museum in the UK, private collectors as well as with experts in their fields, each Armortek model represents a significant investment in detailed research, measurement and design. The kits are made of metal featuring scale thickness armour. In addition, full size construction processes like torsion bar suspension and leaf springs are used. As a result, tank kits can weight over 100kg (220lbs) with very realistic motion over rough terrain – so realistic that models have even been bought to teach maneuvering over different terrains.

With a reputation for service, reliability and the best build quality in the market, Armortek represents the very best of 1/6th scale armour kits.

Designed and manufactured

at our 1,000sqm (10,000 sqft) state-of-the-art factory in Hampshire, UK.

History of Armortek Kits

Armortek kits released over the years