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For almost 20 years Armortek has been making 1:6 scale metal kits. Over that time the business has evolved from shipping its first Panzer IV tank in 2002, into a global business with  customers in over 30 countries.

When Armortek first started, almost all the manufacturing was contracted out. Around 2005, Mark & Gill took over Armortek and brought production in house to better control quality and delivery.

In 2011, a new line was launched—Kompact Kits—with the release of the 25 Pounder Field Gun. Focusing mainly on 1:6 scale field guns the intention was that Kompact Kits would be smaller than the tank kits and “fit into one box”.  The range proved popular and soon expanded to include WW2 German as well as Allied Field Guns.

In 2017, Monique and Kian bought Armortek and relocated the company to Otterbourne, a small village just outside Winchester in Hampshire, UK.

Over the last 3 years, additional manufacturing capability has been added, new employees brought on board, new systems brought on line, and the level of detail on the kits has increased.

And of course, 17 models, new and re-runs, have been launched – the Pak 40, Elefant, Tiger 1, Bailey Bridge, Rolls Royce Armoured Car and Silver Ghost, Panzer III,   Sd Kfz 9, M3 Lee/ Grant, Chieftain, King Tiger, Jagdtiger and more recently the Stug III, Universal Carrier, Sherman M4A3E8 HVSS and Hetzer .. with many more to come!

Today, Armortek operates from a 1,000 sqm factory with state of the art CNC machines and a growing team of passionate modellers and engineers.

At its heart though Armortek remains a family owned and run business with a focus on quality and great customer service.

Designed and manufactured

at our 1,000sqm (10,000 sqft) state-of-the-art factory in Hampshire, UK.