Kent`s Panther build

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Kent Wiik
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Re: Kent`s Panther build

Post by Kent Wiik »

Hi Simon,

Gosch, it is 10+ years since I last posted here in my saga and sad to say almost nothing has happend on my Panther front.
She is still just a pile of metal and maybe better sold to a new good home….or maybe not.

At the moment hobbyvise I have shift to big rc tugs, an old bug I have had since my early teens.
(Latest add to the fleet below, 135cm 40kg)
I have the tank hobby on hold and never left, I pop in here now and then and maybe I start fiddling on my Panther again and post on my saga.
Notice 180000+ wievs on it blow my socks off, sadly most photos has gone.

Kind regards
It´s all in the details!

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Robert E Morey
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Re: Kent`s Panther build

Post by Robert E Morey »

Build that Panther Kent!. We're still waiting my friend. LOL :wink:

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