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Martin Usher
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Re: Maintenance

Post by Martin Usher »

Just a thought from the oil patch here, I use one of two products in our field where torque is King and breakout is a must.
copper coat threads or fits where bad environments breed corrosion or Galvanic reaction.
Dry Molykote molybdenum , another used where fit is critical but removal is a must, this is sprayed on and allowed to dry, another great product used in conjunction with drill collar under extreme conditions.
used in many of my machine tools for maintenance purposes, more load than the drive sprockets can/will handle.
worth a shot for you guys running in all weathers.

just my two cents.

Peter Quambusch
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Re: Maintenance

Post by Peter Quambusch »

Thanks Martin.
Received a bottle of ACF 50 today. If that doesn´t help, I will try your suggestions!


Lord, give me strength to change the things I am able to change.... and patience to endure the things I can not change :-)

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