Bogie spring maintenance

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Adrian Harris
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Bogie spring maintenance

Post by Adrian Harris »

Whilst manoeuvring the Bridge Layer recently, one of the stud caps (EH0212) fell off.

Looking in the manual, the instructions only say "fit the stud cap about six turns onto the stud". Is the spring tension then supposed to hold the cap in place or have people used Loctite or similar ?

Also, when jacking it up to get underneath it, the spring fell out of the claws as the wheels dropped. Once back on the ground, I went round and made sure all the claws were back in the grooves, and most seemed to be out of alignment.

Is it something I should be checking on a regular basis ?

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Stephen White
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Re: Bogie spring maintenance

Post by Stephen White »

Adrian, I certainly loctited mine. The claws do seem to come out of register when you jack up the hull but also re-align when weight is reapplied. I've not had to check any fasteners and it all seems to align perfectly when running.

Manny Leung
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Re: Bogie spring maintenance

Post by Manny Leung »

It's the same with the Chieftain spring unit, I've given up getting on my hands and knees trying to realign them after a run as the suspension still works fine.

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