Flak 36 recent addition

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Jerry Carducci
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Flak 36 recent addition

Post by Jerry Carducci »

Hello just added the Flak 36 to my little collection. This was a model recently offered here on the forum. Looking over the older threads regarding this model I'd like to make some of the upgrades I've seen however as they are old there are often missing photos ( haven't tried the 'Wayback machine' archive yet). Are there detail upgrades yet available for this model, I particularly liked the upgrades for dials and the like.

I was provided the original Armortek documentation however I don't have much by way of books on the machine. Suggestions for best of breed books?

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Paul Wills
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Re: Flak 36 recent addition

Post by Paul Wills »

Hi Jerry,

Try Tim Cattons, he did a lot of the upgread parts for the Flack36 https://erkennungsmarken.smugmug.com/Bu ... -upgrades/

Paul. :wink:
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Chris Hall
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Re: Flak 36 recent addition

Post by Chris Hall »

There’s a Haynes Guide on the Flak 36. And probably an Osprey ….. there’s always an Osprey …… 😉
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