Universal Carrier kit bashing

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Universal Carrier kit bashing

Post by John Clarke » Fri Jul 31, 2020 7:44 pm

As the Universal Carrier is on hold for a while, thought it best to get out into the market place and buy those little things that might be needed when the thing actually pulls out of the garage.

The Universal Carrier R/C like the Half tracks, will have to have a driver, a gunner and possible extra crew.

There's quite a lot of British gear on the market, but I've noticed prices are slowly rising for the Dragon BBI stuff. There's limited 8th army stuff about but enough BEF and European theater on the market at the moment.

It's so small the Universal Carrier won't need a lot of dressing making it highly detailed.

So I began with these two chaps, Seeing the opportunity to put some real fire power on board, which will certainly give the big cats a run their money and of course the chance of a posthumous award. :shock:

This Elephant gun comes from the Dragon 1/6th Scale WWII german PzB782(e) Anti-Tank R!fle MK1 "Viktor Schmitd" kit but is I believe a copy of the Boys Anti tank rifle found on many a Universal Carrier.
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