Chieftain Build No.17

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John Clarke
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Re: Chieftain Build No.17

Post by John Clarke » Sun Dec 01, 2019 10:44 pm

Hi Mark

The Chieftains coming along nicely,

Stainless or zinc or usually electo coated, totally up to you, both are quite tough, both will need etch primer. Zinc and elecro coated will rust if scratched, but are usually cheaper to buy.

Paint, not my strong subject. But out the factory Bronze Green, In service dark green, Nato colours Green/ Beige, Green/black, Berlin Camo. Iran, Jordan and Kwait had a few in desert brown, dark brown and dark green. It's going to be interesting to see the variation in colours when the models get together. I do like tamyia paints, expensive though.

Kilopoise Grease, unless I'm mistaken or missing something, you don't need it. There are no shock absorbers, just moving arms that look like them.
A decent lubricant on the levers is all you need.
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Mark Russell
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Re: Chieftain Build No.17

Post by Mark Russell » Sun Dec 01, 2019 11:30 pm

Thanks John just found out that the Kilopoise Grease is in the kit!

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Stephen White
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Re: Chieftain Build No.17

Post by Stephen White » Mon Dec 02, 2019 11:05 am

Mark, the Chieftain paint choices are pretty straightforward.

The factory paint for UK service vehicles was to FVRDE Specification 2012 which set out what a military standard paint was required to do, compared with a proprietary paint. It's this standard which is called up on Chieftain drawings. In the late 1960s, the Army started to review the effectiveness of the gloss Deep Bronze Green which had been the standard AFV finish. You will see some early pre-production and Mark 1 Chieftains in Deep Bronze Green but not in operational service. So you can discount gloss green unless you're nostalgic.

By the time the Mark 2 production had swung into gear, the standard finish had changed to a drab green. The early colour was based on, wait for it, "Paint, War Equipment, Matt, Olive Drab" which was in widespread use in NATO and is widely referred to as "NATO Green". The early colour wasn't to full military spec and for the next ten years, FVRDE worked on two aspects, protecting agains the absorption of chemical agents and IRR reflectance. The definitive paint standard emerged in 1980 as NATO Green BSC 381C No. 285. This was a UK interpretation of the NATO standard. I mention that because it's not the same as for example the Bundeswehr colour, which can be found in model paint ranges.

So: Chieftain came from the factory in green! The British Standard above should be enough for a paint supplier to mix you some. It looks like this: ... TO%20green

There are quite a few model paints which purport to be to this standard. Note that when it weathered, NATO Green had quite a grey hue.

Once in service, the tanks were painted at regimental level with a disruptive pattern, with the addition of a matt black paint. The pattern was largely freestyled on the tank park although there was a supposed template, which I've mentioned in my own thread. Black is black is black so take your pick. Painting the black was usually done by brush unless a large number of tanks were being done for a special occasion.

If the tank was going to Canada (BATUS), it was resprayed on arrival at the BATUS Workshops in a disruptive pattern. This time, the base colour was Light Stone to BSC 381C 361, which looks like this:

It actually looks too dark on screen but in the strong sunlight of prairie Canada, the paint appeared to lighten. The disruptive pattern was painted in NATO Green, using a spray gun.

Berlin is a special case, which I can deal with separately and with the export Chieftains, you can make it up as you go along. I haven't a clue.

So short answer is green and black or sand and green unless you like the Berlin job.

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