Tiger Ausf E “F01” Gruppe Fehrmann

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Re: Tiger Ausf E “F01” Gruppe Fehrmann

Post by Stephen White » Wed Aug 28, 2019 10:02 pm

Alastair, sounds as though you're enjoying getting to grips with deciding what F01 looked like in Apr 45. Where there is scant photographic evidence, extrapolation from known build standards provides the most likely answers but it leaves room for some imaginative decisions.

There were three standards of drive sprocket. The photos show the left one to be the second type, with spokes centred between the sprocket teeth but without the later star shaped locking plate. Since the second type was introduced in Apr 43 from Fgstl Nr 220, the sprocket was almost certainly changed post production. As you say, there are no photos of the right side, so it's of course feasible by Apr 45 for the sprocket on that side to be of any of the three patterns. On balance, I think it most likely that both sprockets were changed at the same time.

There aren't any known photos of the rear. The external exhaust array on the Tiger wasn't intended to reduce the noise signature as much as reduce the thermal signature. The steel guards fitted from Jan 43 were intended to reduce the visibility of the exhausts at night, by shielding the glowing pipes and diffusing the exhaust plumes after complaints from operational crews. You're right to say that the guards can't be seen on the side photos and it's pretty likely that they'd been removed. The flame traps wouldn't be visible from the angles of the photos and there would be no reason to remove them. On balance, I'd suggest this is pretty much what you'd expect to see:


You've noted that F01 was probably one of the tanks from Putlos and was therefore probably fitted with the gas installation. It might be worth researching that to see what was involved in removing it and to see what build standard the other tanks had. I know of one photo of a Putlos Tiger with gas but not if there are many others.

A final thought. One way of deciding what you can and can't see on the photos is to build a 1/35th model and orientate it to the aspects seen in the photos of F01. That might help you decide. That and relying on the spreadsheet which I developed with David Byrden.

Good luck, it'll be a unique and interesting build.

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Re: Tiger Ausf E “F01” Gruppe Fehrmann

Post by AlastairCooke » Thu Aug 29, 2019 7:00 pm

Thanks for your reply.
It is interesting to see on page 88 of Tigers in Combat III, a picture of 250155 being used to train recruits from s.Pz.Abt 508 in the art of embarking/disembarking a Tiger on to a railway flat car. My research suggests that this would have been in Jul 43 and even by then the RHS sprocket had been changed to the later pattern (without the locking plate). The photo is from a set in the book showing training at Paderborn.


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Re: Tiger Ausf E “F01” Gruppe Fehrmann

Post by AlastairCooke » Sat Oct 19, 2019 11:09 am


Build Standard.
Having discussed this with the people from the Tank Museum and with David Byrden I have decided to go for the HL230. This is based on the assumption that the early Tigers used at the Training Schools would have worn-out their 210s and gone for an in-field upgrade. Based on evidence provided by David it appears that this modification did not always involve the fitting of the large rectangular plate seen on the Mid and Late Tigers that had the 230 fitted on the production line. Consequently, I shall retain both circular engines access panels on the belly plate and add the additional panels/drains as required.

The kit provides side panels (lower and sponson) as 8mm plate. In reality, the lower plate was 62mm (10.3 approx 10mm - under scale) and the sponson sides were 82mm (13.7 approx 14mm – over scale). So the plan will to fit some internal liners to bring the sponson thickness up to 14mm and to fit some external ‘doublers’ to give the impression that the lower plates are closer to scale thickness (the doubler idea is borrowed from David Wilkins). This will enable me to replace the engine decking plate with something more prototypical and provide support for the top plate, which will be removable.

I am also going to replace the forward bulkhead and engine deck plate support with more realistic versions so that I can fit a firewall etc..

Pictures to follow when I have sent the CAD drawings to a laser cutting service. :wink:


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Re: Tiger Ausf E “F01” Gruppe Fehrmann

Post by Vince Cutajar » Sat Oct 19, 2019 5:33 pm

Thanks for the update Alistair. Looking forward to more.


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