Not a rivet counter but...

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Ray Brown
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Not a rivet counter but...

Post by Ray Brown »

Hi guys,

I'm far from being a rivet counter when it comes to building these models and try to replicate the real aspects onto these scaled downed kits to my skill level abilities which are mainly the easy changes which I will eventually will show.

One of my replications is the bullet guard (my name) around the drivers view hatch (again my name). This is where a major flaw was found in measurements. I assume that the only suggestion will be to machine a new one. Not a problem, I'll give it a go. Just a heads up for those considering this mod.



Everything seem ok.

Opened to reveal the discrepency
Actual piece in question.

Stephen White
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Re: Not a rivet counter but...

Post by Stephen White »

Looks good Ray.

I’ve felt for a while that this Forum may need a Rivet Counters’ Support Group, to help any who may need counseling. We should all recognize that being a rivet counter isn’t easy and that they are sometimes subjected to unwanted comments and innuendos, which might trouble their sense of wellness, which we all deserve. I have counted the odd rivet in the past and was helped by the support and kindness of others with the same syndrome. I’m over it now but there may be those out there who don’t feel able to come forward and celebrate their love of rivets as openly as they ought.

Come on rivet counters, you know who you are…..

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