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25 Pounder -- The Mirbat Gun

Posted: Tue Dec 26, 2017 10:54 pm
by Robert Reid
I have been working on my limber last few days... kind of familiarizing myself with the kits. And absolutely loving the Armortek core product and the Armorpax detail sets. Both companies are simply home-runs for the modeler!

Been debating finishes and painting. And have decided to paint my 25 pounder and its Limber in a more-or-less display finish, rather than a battlefield treatment.

In doing some research on the 25 pounder, it appears that the last operational use of one was by the SAS at Mirbat, during Operation Oman. I have a couple of books on the engagement against the Adoo. And the story is pretty amazing. There probably should be a posthumous V.C. awarded for the engagement... but that's beyond my pay grade.

The Mirbat gun was returned to the UK after the battle. It was restored and is currently on display at the Woolrich Arsenal museum near Greenwich. It's restored in bronze green and is done to a very high standard -- almost like a parade gun. I plan to do my 25 pdr (and its limber) to the same finish and detail it as the restored gun. There are a couple of pictures of the gun as it was being used in Oman... but not enough detail to match colors, etc. So I'll replicate the restored gun.

I'll be in London next fall motorcycling.... and will go by Woolrich to photograph it. And I was at Greenwich last fall, in fact, at the Observatory visiting the Harrison Clocks.... Another great piece of history... but didn't take the opportunity to visit Woolrich. So if anyone is in the neighborhood and would like to go and take some detailed photos, it would accelerate my build considerably!

Anyone else using the Mirbat gun as a basis for their builds?

Thanks, all, for a great section and for all the help on my limber and, in advance, for the help on my 25 pounder! I'm enamored of the Armortek products and the Armorpax upgrades! Great models, great community and great fun!



Re: 25 Pounder -- The Mirbat Gun

Posted: Tue Dec 26, 2017 11:08 pm
by Stephen White
Robert, it’s great to see you’re linking your model to an original gun and I can’t think of a more appropriate example than Mirbat. It was a classic example of the SAS in action. There’s a very good book about it called Storm Front by Roland White.

Please note though that the Firepower Museum at Woolwich closed to the public in 2016 and the collection is now in storage on Salisbury Plain, with no public access.

There is a BBC broadcast about Trooper Labalaba here:

It might not be available outside the UK unless you’re clever enough to set up a VPN to deceive iPlayer into thinking you’re here.

There are vague plans for the Royal Artillery to open a new Museum in 2020.

Happy New Year. Stephen

Re: 25 Pounder -- The Mirbat Gun

Posted: Tue Dec 26, 2017 11:18 pm
by Robert Reid
Well, darn!

I'll have to go off the pictures currently online, I guess. Though I have some connections at the Royal Armouries system... I was in the private collection in Leeds last fall researching a Maxim Perfect Carriage to reproduce. So maybe someone can get me some photos, which I'll gladly repost.

But that's kind of sad to hear! Any time history is taken out of public access... it pains me! It will be great if they open up a bigger museum in 2020!

Thanks for the fast response! And glad to be part of this great community. Hope I can add some value over time!



Re: 25 Pounder -- The Mirbat Gun

Posted: Wed Dec 27, 2017 9:47 am
by Phil Woollard
Hi Robert, sounds interesting with the Mirbat Gun, lots of history there. Please post your work as it progresses it will be fascinating stuff! Regards Phil.