Aust 25-pdr images

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Aust 25-pdr images

Post by Michael Cecil » Wed Apr 20, 2016 8:23 pm

Allan B, my friend in New Zealand who does the great computer drawings for Stephen White that you have seen on his 'Beaut Aussie Cent' thread, sent me a link to a series of images of a 'Gun QF 25-pdr, Mk1 on Carriages, Land Service, Mk.2' located in Woolongong, Australia: ... php?Page=1

Like most 25-pdrs once they left service after many years, it is an amalgam of parts. The buffer & recuperator is the all-welded No.5 Mk.1 (no rivets!), and the barrel Jacket is the Mk.2/1 with the thrust collars on both top and bottom. The barrel is the Australian barrel profile with the straight-sided, parallel muzzle swell and milled flat for the Field Clinometer (for checking sights).Note also the Aust breech has a three-flat arc to clear the breech handle, rather than the curve of the early British breech.



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