25 Pdr Queries

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Kevin Hunter
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25 Pdr Queries

Post by Kevin Hunter » Sun Oct 26, 2014 4:43 pm

Dear All

Slowly making progress with the 25 Pdr - spending a few minutes here and there. It's really nice and is going together well.

A couple of questions for you though if I may, specifically regarding the sight assembly and the connecting rod.

I understand that the telescope should be parallel to the gun barrel, but at what angle should the forward lever be relative to the gun cradle? It seems that with the gun fully depressed, the lever, and end of the con rod, would (or should) protrude through the shield and into the housing - is that right? Trouble is that the while the clevis alone does fit the housing, with the additional thickness of the nut and bolt in place it doesn't.

If the lever is set too far "aft" then the length of the con rod makes it impossible to set the 'scope in line with the barrel.

Regarding the sight assembly itself, the conical dial sight loctites into the two brackets which hold the telescope in place. How does this sub assembly attach to the "sight frame A" (part EJ0248)? Loctite again? What about relative position / angle? Presumably the 'scope should be parallel to the top of the sight frame, and perpendicular to the sight post (part EJ0257)?

Finally - how does the "cone plate" (EJ0252) fix to the end of the cone?

Any pointers from those of you with more advanced builds greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


Marcus Kwa
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Re: 25 Pdr Queries

Post by Marcus Kwa » Sun Oct 26, 2014 8:00 pm

Hi Kevin,
I am afraid the gun sight system is a bit more complicated! The telescope and panoramic sight do not always have to be parrallel with the gun tube, actually most of the time not! For example, when firing at maximum range the gun tube will be elevated (under a large angle) but the sight will be pointed at the target ( more or less horizontal). Sometimes the target would not even be in the sight (due to terrain).
So though the kit sights move with the gun tube in the real world the gunners would have to do more actions to aim the gun.
In the walkaround section you will find some photographs of the sight system. The linkage between the gun tube (and gun cradle), the sight and the range scale cone is well illustrated. How the laying of the gun actually works will be topic for a future post..........
On the linkage protruding through the gunshield you are right: it clashes. On the actual gun the bolt and nut are countersunk in the linkage. I glued a solid aluminium rod into the clevis part to make it fit (I filed a small nodge on the left side of the rod to represent the slotted screw/bolt). By the way, It did not happen often that the linkage would go that far most of the time only the link adjustment bolt would be protruding through the gunshield (see photos in walkaround section).
Getting the cone and sight sitting right takes some sanding and glueing, but always keep the sight system movable ) at the end I chose to redo the whole sight system........).

Best regards,

Marcus Kwa

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