17 Pounder Limber??

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Robert Reid
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17 Pounder Limber??

Post by Robert Reid »

Just out of curiosity, what did the 17 PDR use for a limber? Or did it. The 'short draught' artillery pieces were designed to use without limbers and be supplied/carried by trucks.

Or did they pair up the 17 PDR gun with a 25 pdr. limber?

Can't find any info about whether there was such a thing!

17 pdr is next on the build list...



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Chris Hall
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Re: 17 Pounder Limber??

Post by Chris Hall »

I have been told, but haven't checked or received any corroborative evidence, that the Quads pulling the 17pdr's retained the 25pdr limber purely for braking and balance. The 17pdr shells were presumably carried in the Quad.

A question for research, though !

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Daniel Scholefield
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Re: 17 Pounder Limber??

Post by Daniel Scholefield »

Everything I have read (at least pertaining to the unit that I am doing my Quad/Limber/17pdr combination as) is that the 25pdr limber was there for it's brakes and presumably to carry all the displaced equipment from the Quad where the 17pdr ammo was held as the rounds were too long to fit in the limber.
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