New Motion Pack polarity

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Donald Suttie
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New Motion Pack polarity

Post by Donald Suttie »

This may seem like a daft question for some,but i take it that the red dot on the drive motors is positive? and the unmarked side is negative?

if so what is the blue and yellow wires from the main control box which is positive and negative?
just checking as i have a weird situation where the drive motors appear to have a quite fast drive initially but after the control stick is put into neutral,i only have half the speed i had the first time.
if this makes no sense,ill do a video when i have the tracks assembled for a first road test and this may show the issue better


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Adrian Harris
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Re: New Motion Pack polarity

Post by Adrian Harris »

The blue/yellow wires don't have a polarity, as the motor can turn either way.

I set mine up so that +100% on the transmitter gives forward motion on both tracks and -100% on the transmitter gives backwards motion.

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Re: New Motion Pack polarity

Post by GlenStenhouse »

I just put both of the same on the same. Both blue on red or both yellow on red.

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