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Flak 88 Wheeled Bogie upgrade set.

Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2017 11:25 pm
by tim catton
Hi to All,
I have now completed my prototypes for the Flak36 Wheeled bogie upgrade part sets.
Below are some pictures of the parts, for my Flak 36 bogie upgrades, unpainted. The items, when finished will be supplied painted in red oxide paint.
Due to the complexity of the items, and the fact that all the items are hand made by myself, I will make the different sets in batches, one set following on from the other. I will take an initial sounding for orders before embarking on the first set. I will invoice and deliver these before moving on to the next set.
In this way, I will be able to deliver in a reasonable time frame, and the payments will be spread over time.
I have attached photos of the 5 sets that I make for the Wheeled Bogies. The prices are as I set out below.
The sets will be organized as follows:
Set 1: Hinged, opening, stowage boxes, with working rotating catch. 4 per set. £300.00
Set 2: Wheel drum cable guides, and locking levers. (2 per reel), 4 reels per gun. To be fitted to your existing drum and axel frames. £300.00
Set 3: Winch Gearbox upgrade set. |£85.00
Set 4: Steering locking bracket with working lift lock. Plus towing hook dock. £175.00
Set 5: Wheel wedges, 4 per set. Rear reflector mount, 2 per set. Break man’s foot rests. £100.00
Total £960.00 Plus shipping.
I also make tools for attaching to the wheel hubs.
Pick Axe and spring clip and stops. £26.00 each
Track Hammer and spring clips. £26.00 each
If you’re interested in, or are want any further information on all, or any of the individual sets, please email me at the following address so that I can work up a delivery schedule.
If you would like to order all or any of the sets, please let me know via the email address below, and I will send you an invoice for a £100.00 deposit set against your first set ordered. The reminder payable at time of despatch. I will then continue on with the next set and so on. Payment at time of despatch as the sets are completed.
Once I have embarked on my production schedule, I will work it through to the end, before starting the cycle at the top again.
Thank you
Tim Catton

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Re: Flak 88 Wheeled Bogie upgrade set.

Posted: Mon Jul 24, 2017 8:18 pm
by Phil Dawe

Put me down for set Number One please!

Re: Flak 88 Wheeled Bogie upgrade set.

Posted: Tue Jul 25, 2017 5:59 pm
by Robert E Morey
Really neat looking parts! Fantastic kit.

Re: Flak 88 Wheeled Bogie upgrade set.

Posted: Mon Aug 07, 2017 9:09 am
by tim catton
Hi All,
I am now starting the production run of the first set for the Flak88 Wheeled Bogies. If there is anyone out there still making up their mind, please let me know now so I can make the correct number of the set.
Many thanks