Quad gearbox lockup.

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Quad gearbox lockup.

Post by Adrian Harris » Sun Sep 09, 2018 6:58 pm

Had an interesting problem with a Quad today.

After a few minutes running the gearbox locked solid.

After dismantling it, we found that the shaft EM0504 was stuck fast in brass bush EM0503 and the whole shaft couldn't turn.

After a bit of a struggle, we managed to remove the seized shaft and bush from the gearbox, then some WD40 and a bit more manipulation enabled us to separate the two parts.

As this is the first input shaft, and hence spinning the fastest, I did wonder if the problem was overheating, but there didn't seem to be any heat discolouration on either part, and they were cold to the touch, though it did take us awhile to get the body off and the gearbox separated from the chassis, so they would have cooled down anyway. No sign of any corrosion deposits either, as I've seen on other brass/steel interfaces.

Anyone else had this problem ?

R.I.P Margaret I.L.Y

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