Tyres - how to fit tyres and give them a used look - BASIC

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Tyres - how to fit tyres and give them a used look - BASIC

Post by Armortek » Sat Nov 07, 2015 12:21 pm

1. Fitting and Bonding. Key to getting a permanent bond between tyre and rim is preparation. The rim should be degreased and both mating surfaces should be thoroughly roughened with a coarse abrasive.

If the tyre is a tight fit, it can be temporarily expanded by immersion in hot water.

To ensure a continuous and close bond, cable ties can be used whilst the adhesive is curing:
2. Adhesives. Both slow cure two part epoxy and high strength reinforced superglue are recommended and have been proved during extensive running over rough ground.

The reinforced superglues are specifically formulated for metal to rubber bonding. They are rubber reinforced, black in colour and offer enhanced shock resistance, flexibility and peel strength, particularly suited to this application. They have good tensile and shear strength, to be effective in running conditions. Loctite 480 is one example, which is widely available worldwide:
8798553964574.jpg (4.64 KiB) Viewed 1649 times
http://www.loctite.co.uk/loctite-4087.h ... 2626207745

Note that these reinforced superglues have a limited shelf life once opened, although this can be extended by storing at low temperature.

If using an epoxy, make sure it's a slow cure, two part type.

3. Finishing. As supplied, your tyres have a visible moulding seam. In use, this will slowly wear but for scale accuracy, the seam can be removed with careful use of an abrasive. If used with appropriate care, a small bench grinder can be used to speed up production:
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