The Little Black Book - Online resources

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The Little Black Book - Online resources

Post by Stephen White »

By popular demand (from at least two members), I've started a new Knowledge Base Topic with useful online links. The purpose is to curate links which we think will help the Armortek global community with researching, building and operating your models. The aim is for it to be international and a living document. Please contribute any links which you've found useful and also help us keep it relevant by letting us know about any links which are now defunct. If you have a new link, please use this thread to let us know and we'll update this Topic accordingly.

We're looking for :

Clubs (ones that run 1:6)
Museums/ Permanent Exhibitions
Modelling supplies
Modelling forums/ resources
Reference material sites


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Adrian Harris
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Re: The Little Black Book - Online resources

Post by Adrian Harris »

The "One Sixth UK" forum is currently defunct, though I think Pete has mentioned he might be resurrecting/archiving it.

The "Sixth Army Group" forum also has a section for vehicles, so is not entirely for figures.

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Re: The Little Black Book - Online resources

Post by AlastairCooke »

Hi All,
I have made frequent use of the following:

fasteners - Westfield Fasteners :-
metal (mainly aluminium but some brass, have useful cutting service) - Forward Metals :-
laser cutting and bending service (requires CAD files for parts) Fractory :-
etched brass etc (cheapest if sent artwork as .eps or .pdf) PPD ltd :-


Oliver Brüninghaus
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Re: The Little Black Book - Online resources

Post by Oliver Brüninghaus »


Those interested in the older tanks will find a rich source of information here.

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Re: The Little Black Book - Online resources

Post by Armortek »

Thanks gentlemen, all now included/amended. Let's keep this a live thread. Stephen

Søren Sandvold
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Re: The Little Black Book - Online resources

Post by Søren Sandvold »

I've find Oddball759mm/John/ECA YouTube channel very inspiring and informative. His series of Armortek builds was strongly the reson for my initial purchase of a Tiger1 from Armortek.

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