Spectrum Transmitter.

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Glen Clark
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Re: Spectrum Transmitter.

Post by Glen Clark » Wed Feb 20, 2019 2:04 pm

Thank you for that Stephen,at the moment it's just a case of having everything I need to be going on with.Ive just had a quick look at the Lithium iron phosphate batteries,the price made my eyes water just looking at it.

I'll see how I get on with what I've got then decide.

Regards Glen.

Adam Osga
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Re: Spectrum Transmitter.

Post by Adam Osga » Wed Feb 20, 2019 3:41 pm

Sweet, quite a few of us have the same Transmitter/receiver setup. I ended up getting the same DX8/AR8010T combination so it will be nice to have others in case we need help troubleshooting. One of my next steps is to start bench testing my electronics.

Vince Cutajar
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Re: Spectrum Transmitter.

Post by Vince Cutajar » Wed Feb 20, 2019 4:25 pm

Same TX / RX combination that I have. Works nicely.


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Re: Spectrum Transmitter.

Post by bryanrmassie » Wed Feb 20, 2019 6:53 pm

Armortek wrote:
Tue Feb 19, 2019 11:53 pm
Glen Clark wrote:
Tue Feb 19, 2019 8:47 pm
Thank you for the replies,so would a dx7 be the recommend Radio?

I think the DX7 may be discontinued, but not 100% sure.
We use the DX6 and AR610 as our favoured combination. Reliable and trustworthy. 6 Channels, but that is all you need on our kits so far (except the Rolls Royce and unless you are adding some other components like Gerhard mentioned).
If you want to be on the safe side, go for the DX8 - that gives 2 spare channels for future proofing.
No the DX7 still available, just bought for the Elefant.

Steve Stuart
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Re: Spectrum Transmitter.

Post by Steve Stuart » Wed Feb 20, 2019 8:45 pm

For those with more than one model, then my solution to the issue of using the Bind Plug with the Spektrum is to make up a Lead to replicate the Bind Plug but instead of a plain loop of wire, fit in a switch. This can be mounted in an accessible place on the Tank, the lead being as long as necessary, so that when the Bind is needed to be made, close the switch and hey presto! No more having to dismantle and delve into the Tanks innards, quick and easy 8)
I think I have made a previous posting about this, but any questions send me a PM.

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