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WW1 Tank Identity research

Posted: Wed Dec 10, 2014 5:22 pm
I have just been down to Bovington again to peruse the archives, particularly with a view to identify specific tanks in the Battle history sheets. Using these I hoped to provide examples of Male and Female tanks to help those of you modelling the Mk IV in choosing an historical example to model.
I went through and copied many of the reports for the 1st or A Battalion, I looked in the 2nd or B Battalion, but only found reports of later Mk V tank actions. The last Battalion I got reports for is the 8th or H Battalion. The museum archivists have transposed these reports onto a Word file which contains over a hundred, many are of Mk IV's from the March 1918 actions, but the majority are after they were equipped with Mk V's.
It is going to take some correlating to extract the most out of what I have got, but I have been identifying those that are Male and female where possible. Any time a report states 6 pounder usage, it must be a Male, however just because a report does not list 6 pounder ammunition usage does not mean it is a Female though. Reading into the reports does sometimes refer to individual tanks being Male or female and so this data can be added. Unfortunately as many of you will have found out the reports are sometimes very sketchy with much information omitted.
I will let you know what I uncover in due course, the information may add to known facts, corroborate some or correct others.
By the way Steve (007) I couldn't find if a 2 Battalion tank was named Bond, but there is an 8th Battalion tank H45 2695 10 Section C Company Commanded by 2nd Lt. Bond G. But I haven't checked out if it is a Male or Female yet.

Re: WW1 Tank Identity research

Posted: Wed Dec 10, 2014 10:00 pm
Sorry but it looks like 2695 is a Female. (F) in brackets after number on Battle History Sheet. Maybe 2/Lt. Bond will show up later in charge of a Male tank.