A 1st WW poem .

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A 1st WW poem .

Post by duncanallender » Wed Oct 02, 2013 6:47 pm

HI guys, this was given to me by a friend and I thought you may be interested.I don't know who it is by as the signature is blird where it has got wet, although above the signature it looks like the letters F.C.S. Would these refer to a rank? It was obviously written betwween 1914-18.I am going to take it to our local Wilfred Owen museum in Birkenhead where W.Owen lived much of his life.
Men of the Tanks we give you thanks
For all that you have done,
Through shot and shell you've stuck it well,
Your work is not all fun.
Along the Somme mid shell and bomb,
Your mighty craft did steer,
The Hun,he flew when meeting you
His face went pale with fear.
Ye "Tanks", roll on,for you're 'tres bonne',
Your mighty strenght will show
the Huns we'll win "the day",
You've got them on the go.
Men Of The Tanks, we owe you thanks
We lift our caps to you,
For deeds you've done against the Hun,
And deeds you mean to do.

Anyway that's it, hope you enjoyed it.The ink has gone to a red colour with age, probably black or blue at time of writing.

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