Mark Carney

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Mark Carney

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Today we heard the very sad news that Mark Carney passed away.

Mark was a long time Armortek customer, and although he was not a very active poster on this forum, he was a huge figure in the Armortek world in Australia. Mark would often call for a long chat and it was always a pleasure listening to his stories and laughing at his great sense of humour.

Our deepest sympathy to his family and friends for this great loss.
Rest in peace Mark.

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Youngjae Bae
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Re: Mark Carney

Post by Youngjae Bae »

I pray for the repose of the deceased.

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Re: Mark Carney

Post by Stephen White »

RIP Digger. A sad loss.

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Re: Mark Carney

Post by Chang »

Heard this sad news from Ray Brown this evening, then from Armorek. I have called Mark on late February when he was already in hospital since last November, he was as happy as usual. The COVID 19 pandemic stops me visiting him ever since, and now.... :cry:

First met Mark on 2008 Newcastle Model exhibition. After start building my first Armortek Model King Tiger from 2009, had met and talked to him so many times. Mark liked every kind of model, static of R/C one. Tanks, guns, boats, locomotives, soldier figures, trucks, semi-trailers, bulldozers, etc. He had built many boats, a huge locomotive from his working as a train driver experience, and several 1/16 scale tanks and 1/14 scale semi-trailers. From Armortek he owns Tiger 1, King Tiger, Elefant, Sherman, Centurion, PAK 40, 25 LB howitzer, When I have difficulties on the PAK 43/41, Mark provided a lot of helps on milling and assembling. He also help me transport the PAK 43/41 to the Newcastle model show twice. Last year Ray and me had met at Mark's place to share our Elefant building experience. I was thinking to meet him again soon to share my FAMO.... :cry:

Mark had recorded all of 1/6 Armortek model owners details in Australia. He once mentioned wishes one day he can summon as many tank lover as possible to visit the Australian Armour and Artillery Museum(AAAM) in Cairns Queensland.(

R.I.P. Mark. I will always remember you.

Lerh Chang
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Steen Vøler
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Re: Mark Carney

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My condolonces - sad news indeed

David Brady
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Re: Mark Carney

Post by David Brady »

Sad news - RIP Mark

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Re: Mark Carney

Post by Ray Brown »

As a regular chatter with Mark, I would visit him in hospital and sneak in his favorite Maccas. Smart man with much info to share. Gunna miss a good mate. RIP.


Richard Jensen
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Re: Mark Carney

Post by Richard Jensen »

Much saddened by the news today of our dear friends passing. All posts are greatly and sympathetically appreciated from their authors and are , I am sure, appreciated by the family. Mark was a laconic figure in the Armortek community here in Australia and his love for our hobby knew no bounds. He would spend hours on the phone with me and other enthusiasts talking about his passion for tanks, trains and ships. We will miss his wit and humour and I know that we have as a group have lost a good mate. Many thanks for all the kind posts as we reflect on our collective loss.
Rick Jensen.

Dale jordan
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Re: Mark Carney

Post by Dale jordan »

Just found out very sad . I know Mark loved my Tiger 1 I built RIP Dale

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