Alternative tx controls?

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Re: Alternative tx controls?

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Hi Mark,

yes, that's right. If one doesn't use built-in TX-mixers, servo delay, expo functions and so on, the choice of a mode is not so important. But why not using these helpful functions also in a tank?

General functional problems with 2.4 GHz equipment can have 2 other reasons; the cycle time and the signal voltage:

The cycle time means the necessary time for transmitting a whole set of channel signals. Older systems use and need 20 or 30 ms, newer and faster systems using digtal servos use 10 ms or less. The combination of a 10 ms TX / RX and a 20 ms actuator equipment (servos, ESCs and so on) doesn't work together. Some TX / RX systems are reprogrammable for various cycle times.

The signal voltage (NOT the operating voltage!) of the most 2.4 GHz receivers for the HIGH level is only 3 - 3.3 volts, because WLAN technology is used. Older analogous equipment needs 4 volts an more (the so called TTL level). When such an equipment is to be used together with 2.4 GHz, a 'level shifter' between RX and each servo is needed to increase the signal voltage, known as 'servo booster'.
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