Machining - How To Videos

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Machining - How To Videos

Post by Stephen White » Tue Jan 31, 2017 10:51 am

A wise man learns by his mistakes but a wiser one learns from others'....

Here are a few sources which I've found useful on turning and milling. I'm entirely self taught and have inadvertently shot the odd work piece across the workshop. It would have happened more often without some of the excellent "how to" videos below. These are ones I can recommend for two reasons, firstly the content is helpful, well presented and clear and secondly, the presenter isn't some adenoidal, bungling, psychotoxic self-obsessed drone, as are some who populate YouTube's nether reaches. Enjoy.

Good, instructive videos and a cracking sense of humour:

Great for basics and some more advanced stuff:

Tubal Cain - a machine shop guru, a bit dry and slow but a fount of knowledge:

MIT have a useful series but I haven't yet watched them: ... ine-shop-4

There are also four DVDs by the late Rudi Couhoupt, Basic and Advanced for the mill and lathe. They cover all you need to know in exhaustive detail but you need patience and a stimulant to watch them. They're not cheap either. I believe they're still available, in the States here: ... /group/422

and in UK via Camden here: ... buted-dvds

Hope that's of interest.


martin pitcairn
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Re: Machining - How To Videos

Post by martin pitcairn » Tue Jan 31, 2017 1:16 pm

Hi Stephen, Just watched the video "spring" very funny but also informative, well done on posting these.


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