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Norfolk Tank Museum Armourfest 2018

Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2018 10:35 am
by Pete Nash
Pete and Colin at the Norfolk tank Museum's Armourfest weekend 11-12th August 2018 which was quite well attended for a little place in the middle of Norfolk.
Colin had his 13year old Tiger, SdKfz 7 and
8mm gun, Pete borrowed Armortek's Prototype Panzer II plus banner and literature. Pete also had hos Mk.IV tank but it got wet on the Friday (family emergency) and was hors de combat. All were shown off to good effect on both days.
We had plenty of interest in our models and gave out plenty of information on Armortek's current range and availability but like Tankfest I doubt if it will result in sales, but it took Armortek to place its never been before and raised the company's profile (we hope).
Colin and I would very much like others to join us next year and hopefully be able to put on a good show of our hardware for the visitors.

Camping facilities are available on site for those who are hardy enough and I will be there with my Motorhome for cooking up meals and providing tea and coffee.

Tghese are just some of the exhibitors, for those who like military Land Rovers, there were lots there.


Re: Norfolk Tank Museum Armourfest 2018

Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2018 6:18 pm
by Kevin Hunter
Well done for flying the Armortek flag.
I was there on Thursday but couldn’t stay for the weekend as needed to travel south and catch a boat home. Shame, but maybe next year?
Nice to see Deborah II out in the open.