South West Model Show, Bovington, 28 September 2019

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Chris Hall
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South West Model Show, Bovington, 28 September 2019

Post by Chris Hall » Mon Sep 30, 2019 12:28 pm

Well, that's another one ticked off, at pretty well the end of the Show Season .........

Despite the fact that we all felt the show is waning in popularity, it's always good to get together and run our toys at Bovington. They give us a prime pitch in the Tank Story Hall (between the Cromwell and the Sherman Firefly) which is well-lit and always draws the Public in, so we can look and sound knowledgeable :? while we're driving around. And it maintains our important, nay vital, link with the Museum.

Thanks to the 'usual suspects' for turning out:

Liesel, with Marc Ford's Comet. One day I really must bring another model !
Stephen's Beaut Cent - always a crowd-pleaser.
The Factory Famo pulling the 88mm, brought down by Chris Fry.
The Factory Elefant (Chris again) along with Simon Manning's superb Tiger II.
The Museum's own Tiger II, recently renovated by Lee Smith (who gave an excellent talk on Tigers at the Open Day). Nice to see it up and running again !
Adrian Harris's Centurion Bridgelayer. Unfortunately the hydraulics were being temperamental, so it served duty as a static display (although we all had a go at driving over the bridge !)

Commiserations to Steve Norris and Dave Battson, who were hoping to turn up but Real Life (the Bad Kind) got in the way. Hope it all sorts out, chaps, and hopefully see you next time !

And, when we weren't driving, we were able to watch Dave Dibb's work on his Chieftain crewman on the Armorpax stand. It all made for an excellent day out.

All the best,

Chris & Stephen
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Adrian Harris
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Re: South West Model Show, Bovington, 28 September 2019

Post by Adrian Harris » Mon Sep 30, 2019 1:22 pm

I have to say that the banter regarding certain dimensions of Major White was my favourite part of the day :lol: :lol: :lol:

Many thanks to Stephen and Chris for organising another enjoyable day out and let's hope the floor is filled with Chieftains next year.

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