Do All King Tiger Idlers Have Solid Backs?

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Mike Conley
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Do All King Tiger Idlers Have Solid Backs?

Post by Mike Conley » Wed Feb 19, 2020 8:59 pm

I've just started building this 2009 King Tiger (I was bead blasting parts today) and the inner rear idlers have solid, on piece backs on them. Is this normal?

I was thinking that solid backs would cause mud, leaves, chipmunks, frogs, tree limbs, etc., to get stuck in that narrow track guide and it'd be hard to keep clean. I was debating on trying to cut those areas out but THAT would be a JOB.

If other KTs have regular open spokes back there I might have to order two newer inner idlers.

Thanks! Mike
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Peter Quambusch
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Re: Do All King Tiger Idlers Have Solid Backs?

Post by Peter Quambusch » Wed Feb 19, 2020 9:22 pm

Hi Mike,

Mine are solid at the rear too. Been driving through mud, woods, sand, etc. since 2012 extensively. Never experianced any problems so far…
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Re: Do All King Tiger Idlers Have Solid Backs?

Post by Chang » Thu Feb 20, 2020 6:03 am

Hello Mike,
Refer to Yves Mouton’s method: (unfortunately all of his photos are invisible now) ... 1&start=30

I locked both parts together by:
(1) Drilled 4 of M3 holes through the inner idle wheel (the right on here, and the left one in your photo above). All of them are 22mm from the wheel’s centre;
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(2) Used countersink drill bit, enlarge the solid back of these 4 holes on (1);
(3) Drilled 4 of M2.5 x 10mm holes on the outer idle wheel, also on the same 22mm from it’s centre;
(4) Used M3 TAP to drill 4 of M3 x 10mm threads on (3);
(5) Lock two parts of idle wheel together with 4 of M3 x 30mm flathead high tensile screws.
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The solid back of the inner idle wheel, in my experience, can also stop mud, leaves, chipmunks, frogs, tree limbs, etc., into that narrow track guide. Don’t know if other KT builders had got the same issue before.
Just my 2 cents…
Regards, Lerh Chang
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