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Posted: Tue Aug 31, 2010 10:47 am
by Dennis Jones
Hi David,
I expect you may have seen my layout but if not here it is again, The power supply is on the rhs frame, speed cont in between motors, amplifier towards the front on lhs frame (so you can get at the volume control) and the aux module behind that. I extended the psu start switch to the switch panel. Also extended the receiver power cable. The power on/off switch is between the positive supply from the psu to the speed controller. It has to be a 20 amp switch (or 2 halves of a double pole 10 amp strapped together), this gets over the problem of the motors starting up before the rec/tx handshaking has taken place. This layout allows full 360 degs of traverse of the turrett and it has done a lot of hours running with no problems. The only other alternative which somebody did, can't remember who. is to construct a right angled drive for the gun elevation motor so it sits horizontally instead of vertically.