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Vince Cutajar
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Re: Martin's Jagdpanther

Post by Vince Cutajar »

Nice one Martin.


Christoffer Ahlfors
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Re: Martin's Jagdpanther

Post by Christoffer Ahlfors »

Beautiful job and amazing productivity, too. :D After all, this is not the only model coming out of your workshop. :shock:
I am happy to help you out with storage if that becomes a problem! :wink:
A little too much is about right...

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Marco Peter
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Re: Martin's Jagdpanther

Post by Marco Peter »

How did you know -so long before anyone else- Bovington was gonna repaint their JP in this color scheme?!?

Or did you inspire them? :mrgreen:
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Robert E Morey
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Re: Martin's Jagdpanther

Post by Robert E Morey »

Awesome details. Fantastic job. I love the look of the JP.
One of my favorites.
Best regards,

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Martin Hofmann
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Re: Martin's Jagdpanther

Post by Martin Hofmann »

Hi Vince, Chris, Marco and Bob,
thanks for the very nice words!!!! I am very proud with my JP - i think it is very near to the origin ( except the no. 411 )
Chris: if i need some more storage - you are the first i will ask for :D
Marco: i am sure the people from Bovington copied my paint scheme :lol: :lol: :lol:
Regards Martin

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