Panther G (July 1944 version)

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Re: Panther G (July 1944 version)

Post by David Brady »

That's the spirit Alex, time to get your order in.


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Re: Panther G (July 1944 version)

Post by Jerry Carducci »

If I only didn't already have 13 Panthers/ variants in 1/10 scale....

Soooooo tempting indeed.

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Re: Panther G (July 1944 version)

Post by SeanO'Hara »

I've waited about twelve years to get a Panther G. Things like work and family got in the way. Next April I retire so the announcement of production in 2022 was heaven sent:)

It was meant to be!!!

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Re: Panther G (July 1944 version)

Post by Armortek »

Well, we are back at work again after our Summer Break and thought I would provide a short update on the progress of the Panther G. It was a bit of a busy week last week, so no photographs to tease you with, but will take some in the coming couple of days and post them this week.

- Production of the entire hull is now 85% completed. Still pending are the travel lock assembly, machine gun armour, and several bent metal parts - (tool holders, exhaust brackets etc)

- The running gear is also pretty far along, although due to late arrival of the material for the Idlers we have not started on them yet. They will probably be pushed back to the 3rd week of August

- Raw Material for the Turret has arrived, so we will start production on the turret parts this week. This will keep us bust for a while.

- Sample castings finally arrived for the Engine grills - they look very good and are a perfect fit, so the go ahead has been given for the production castings

- Sample castings for the tracks also arrived - our previous die cast tooling was no longer viable, so we have had to have new dies made. Hence we had to run a sample off to check. Parts passed inspection and, and we have given the go ahead for production.

- The revised roadwheel sample also arrived. Now good to go, so we have ordered the production quantities.

- Our etched plate supplier had sadly gone belly up. We will need to source a new supplier and restart the ordering process.

That pretty much covers the major items - photos to follow later this week.

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