75x75Ammunition Limber

Limber HRA  perfect addition to your Kompact Kit collection.

This  all  metal kit in 1/6th scale is perfect with the 25 Pdr. Field Gun.


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lmb parts

Selection of Kit Parts


  • Working rear doors
  • Moulded rubber tyres
  • Complete with tow gear
  • Ideal with 25 Pdr. Field Gun
  • Fasteners<
  • Over 200 Rivet details
  • Simple Exploded View instructions


  • Length: 460mm (18″)
  • Width: 350mm (14″)
  • Height: 205mm (8″)
  • Weight: 6 Kilos (13 lb)

Ammunition Limber shown with 25 Pdr. Field Gun

Graphic images –Studio Mitchell