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Sd Kfz 251 Ausf C





Detachable chassis (common to sdkfz 11)

  • Prototypical riveted body construction
  • Moulded rubber tyres
  • Adjustable torsion bar suspension on track wheels
  • Cast individual track links
  • Roller drive sprocket
  • Transverse leaf springing to front axle
  • All opening doors, view ports and hatches
  • Single motor drive through differential gear*
  • False floor covering all control gear and r/c equipment
  • Space  for batteries to be housed in engine bay
* Supplied as part of Motion Pack




Designed and built by Hanomag and Bussing-NAG in 1937  and based on the Sdkfz 11 artillery tractor,  the Sdkfz 251 was  developed as a result of the requirement for an armoured vehicle carrying a platoon of panzer grenadiers and their equipment, accompanying the panzer divisions.   The Sd.Kfz-251, an armoured three-quarter track vehicle,  was produced by the same manufacturer, Hanomag  as the HL kl.5 (SdKfz 11) and  therefore it was a natural choice to use this chassis as a base for building a stronger framework supporting armoured panels. Armed with  two Mg.34 machine-guns for defense and direct support, it had   sloped armour protecting the entire length of the engine bay, radiator and driver’s compartment.  An open top rear compartment provided protection from small arms fire and artillery shrapnel for passengers.   With over 15,000 produced these were the most produced German Half-tracks from WWII.


Internal View

The Armortek model is based on the Ausf C (late 1941), this version   introduced a new flat engine nose plate, 14.5mm thick, without access trap, replaced by a simple hole for the manifold.   A large production run,  the  C model was quite complex to build, involving many angled plates giving added protection against small arms fire.

Rear View

This 1/6th scale high quality engineered  model kit, has been designed by Armortek and is constructed primarily from steel and aluminium, complemented with other  alloys and materials.    Manufactured in the UK on state  of the art CNC equipment.

Armortek wish to thank,  The Tank Museum , for access to the Sd Kfz 251/8 Ausf C Armoured Ambulance (E1951.37) which amongst other references was used in the design of this kit.

tank-hoz Measurements:

Length: 953mm

Width: 360mm

Height: 307mm

Weight:  30 kilos  approx. (without options)

buy-nowAll models will be engraved with the Armortek name and a unique serial number with corresponding certificate, confirming the limited batch run.

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Historic Photographs courtesy of  The Tank Museum

Graphic images –Studio Mitchell

Video – Mark Lawson