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Panther Early A


Your Panther  kit, will include the following features……

  • Fully detailed A type hull with all interlocking plate details.
  • Dual torsion bars with pre flatted bars and wedge clamps.
  • Driver and m/c gunners flap type hatches in the glacis plate.
  • ‘A’ type rear ventilator covers and fan covers.
  • Ball bearing hubs and rubber tyres.
  • Prototypical multi piece deck.
  • Ball bearing turret rotate ring.


In 1938 a project to replace the Panzer III and Panzer IV tanks led to the development of the Panther Tank.

The very first Ausf. A  was created by mounting an improved turret on the Ausf. D Chassis.   Hitler was insistent on upgrading the armor,  particularly the front glacis. Production of the Ausfuehrung A started in July 1943 and as well as the improved front glacis a  whole array of modifications were undertaken.  Externally, the main difference was the adoption of a new commander cupola, cast, hemispheric and fitted with an AA ring and the  shape of the cast turret front behind the gun mantlet was  very  distinctive.

In May 1944, the production of the Ausf.A ceased. 2,200 had been built by MAN, Daimler-Benz, Demag and Henschel.

The Armortek Panther kit is based  on the Demag built example, currently  in the Wheatcroft collection.  We would like to thank Kevin Wheatcroft  for his  considerable assistance and allowing us access to his  collection in order  to assist us with our research and design of this model.


The Panther tank is always high on our customers wish list.   To allow for customers to plan for this latest Armortek kit we are allowing a longer than normal lead time with a planned delivery of date a Early 2017.   Reserve you kit now with a deposit via our shop or you can place your order by telephone or e-mail.

Quality British Engineering


This 1/6th scale high quality engineered  model kit, 20150624_121323-1has been designed by Armortek and is constructed primarily from aluminium and  steel, complemented with other cast alloys and materials.  Armortek  kits are not only 1/6th in overall scale they also feature scale thickness parts, adding to the realism and performance of these impressive kits.     Located in Devon in the UK,  Armortek have invested heavily in  state  of the art CNC equipment, with the vast majority of components manufactured in house guaranteeing quality parts and timely deliveries.



Length: 1473mm (including barrel)

Length: 1143mm (without barrel)
Width: 559mm
Height: 483mm

Weight: 90 Kilos (without options)

Your Panther  kit can be enhanced with the following options (click through for more details)

Your limited edition kit certicate 2014_0001-1will be engraved with a unique serial no. and will come with a signed certificate  guaranteeing the authenticity of this very special model.






The gallery below shows individual parts,  graphic illustrations,  solid works design images,  customer completed models from previous Panther productions.

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Graphic images –Studio Mitchell