Pak 43/41

German 8.8cm Anti-Tank Gun

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Kit Features

  • All metal CNC Machined and laser cut components
  • Working elevation and slew
  • Moulded rubber tyres
  • Fasteners
  • Over 800 rivet details
  • Simple exploded view instructions
  • Fully operational trail arms and lock
  • Deploying spade and lock mechanism
  • Working double transit lock
  • Two piece barrel for ease of transport



  • Length – 1520mm (60″)
  • Width – 390 wide (15 1/2″)
  • Height – 450 high (20″)
  • Weight – 16 kilos (35lbs)


The 8.8 cm Pak (Panzerabwehrkanone) 43 was an anti-tank gun,  used by the Wehrmacht mechanized infantry units during World War II.  Manufactured by Krupp, between 1943 and 1945,  2098 were produced.  Nicknamed by German troops  Scheunentor “Barn Door“ due to  it’s bulk.

The 8.8 cm Pak 43 was an effective anti-tank gun, more than  capable of destroying  Soviet and Allied tank and armored vehicle. Hauled to the battlefield by trucks or tracked military vehicles, it was mounted on a two-wheeled split-trail carriage. With its 6.61m-long rifled barrel, it had an effective range of 4,000 m, being able to punch holes in a 140mm-thick steel plate, with a 30º inclination, located at 2,000 m away.


The 8.8 cm Pak 43/41 on the Eastern Front 1943.

Thank you to The Tank Museum for access to their Pak 43  used in the  research of this model.





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